The Palen pick, risky or brilliant?

Right away the expected criticism came from every corner, “She doesn’t have enough experience to be a heart beat away from the presidency!” Interesting observation in view of the fact she has more as a VP candidate than the presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket.

Here are the pros and con’s as I see them:

  • Executive experience. Governor of Alaska, Mayor of her hometown.
  • Pro Life. Gave birth to the last of her 5 children knowing he had down’s syndrome
  • Pro 2nd Amendment. Lifetime member of the NRA
  • Proven tax cutter
  • Experienced at using the veto pen to reign in wasteful spending
  • Roots out corruption even in her own party
  • Attractive. Was runner up in an Alaska beauty pageant
  • Smart. Able to speak several coherent sentences in a row without reading them. Only Joe (the mouth) Biden can do that better.
  • Hunter and angler
  • Rides snowmobiles
  • Likes the United States Military. Her son will deploy to Iraq on Sept 11th.
  • Respects her husband of 20 years even in public!


  • She is not at the top of the ticket.
  • Uhhh……….hmmmm….can’t think of any more

This is very bad news for the Obama ticket. Woman will really like her and since ladies by the millions were left swinging after the demise of Hillary, she will undoubtedly bring many of them to the Republican column in November. McCain’s choice of this talented lady is a gut punch to Sen. Obama and his team. Expert were predicting a 10 point lead for him by next week, it an’t gonna happen. The spread is 8 points at this moment but wait until this time next week. This will be a repeat of what happened in 2000 when Gore’s lead went to about 10 points after he announced Joseph Leiberman as his running mate but in only a few days the reace was a dead heat and he lost in the end.

McCain has been a huge disappointment for me and millions of other conservatives and in view of that I believe this was the smartest thing he has done thus far. Palen disagrees with him on global warming and I expect her to also disagree on immigration reform. She is a nice balance to the GOP ticket and I really believe she may prove to be the key to a victory in November.

If McCain-Palen looses in November we haven’t seen the last of this special lady. I would love to see a Hillary vs. Palen battle for the white house. On one side a career politician who will do or say whatever the polls require to win and on the other a lady who is not in the least politically correct. One one side someone who pretends to be pro second amendment and on the other a lady who kills animals and eats them. One who is married to a liar and womanizer….oh whats the point of going there, there is no contest.

This is my favorite time of the year! Hand to hand combat in the political arena. I can’t wait ’til Monday.

On a different and somber note. I hope the storm calms and causes no major damage. Louisiana and the Gulf coast is just getting on their collective feet, we don’t need another hit now.



11 comments on “The Palen pick, risky or brilliant?

  1. About 2 weeks ago, I heard about Governor Palin’s decision to give birth to her child with Down syndrome despite her doctor’s recommendation. I knew at that moment that I wanted Senator McCain to choose her. I love having the opportunity to vote for someone of her character.

  2. I am so disgusted he picked her. Her husband was arrested for drunk driving a few years ago, her court case coming up, Her pork barrel $ for the bridge to nowhere, and not ready to be pres. Her little experience in Alaska does not mean she has enough for pres. It’s a real bad pick. Shows McCain used bad judgment.I think he had eyes on her for other reasons.She’s fighting big oil but her husband works for big oil. Alaska has highest gas prices in the country and has oil line going thru. BAD BAD BAD

    If you are not pleased with Palen I’ll bet you are really upset about Obama, who has less experience, a more checkerd past, and is obviously not ready for prime time. Obama’s choice of friends and associates is alarming, don’t you agree? I’m pretty cautious about a guy whose policy positions change like a weather vane in hurricane Gustav. Oh, by the way, I’ll bet Palen’s pregnant daughter knows how many states are in the union.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Palin is an example of the hypocrisy of the Republican Party. She was against teaching sex education in school, Her daughter is preggers. She is pro faimily values and has five kids but doesnt want to stay home and take care of them. She wants her brother inlaw fired out of spite. Husband arrested for drunk driving, again who is raising the five kids. The right wingers who want to tell everyone else how to live their lives but they dont want to follow the same rules. Shame on McCain for giving in to Rush and the gang. POOR JUDGEMENT. Who is really running the republican party. McCain did not even know Palin. He was brow beat and what does that say about his leadership???BAD


    Interesting! Why the anger? If McCain and his poor choice are as wrong as you and others suggest they will come to nothing so whay the alarm? Your candidtate passed on the most qualified woman (and person) on the Democratic landscape and he gets a pass. He trumpets change and picks Ego Joe who has no one his equal so far as being entrenched in leftest policy and politics. His pass is given because he rides the train home every day. So what? He is still the 3rd most liberal Senator based wholly on his voting record. (Obama is firmly in first place) So much for being in touch with the people. These two guys are right in line with Daily Kos, not main stream America.

    Take a deep breath. Your guy is ahead, not by the 10 to 12 points he should be, but ahead. If you have any inside connections, give them this advise. Don’t let Obama speak unless he is reading something someone else wrote. He sounds like Porky Pig when speaking off the cuff. And, keep the mic away from Ego Joe, he can’t seem to keep his # 12’s out of rather wide mouth.

    Peace sister,

  4. Why the anger you ask? What anger? I was just expressing a point of view. Actually you are right she is the best thing to happen to the Dems in a long time. You sound so intimidated by Obama and Biden. Obama doesnt speak well? Whatever? Take a deep breath, and try and think of another comparison other than Porky Pig. Your insecurity is showing. Maybe Obama should take speaking lessons from McCain or Bush. HA AHAHAHAHAAA


    Perhaps I misread you. Perhaps what I see is zeal, not anger. Ouch, point well taken about speaking skills. I’ll take Bill Clinton in that catagory any day of the week. (Oh how I miss Ronnie..) You have to admit that Obama is not too smooth away from notes or a teleprompter.

    May the best man win…. Come to think of it, Palen may be more manly than the whole lot. She shoots animials and eats them. Don’t you admire that? ):

    There are sinners in her family! Horrors! It has never been so in politics before! Some of us like that she seems….I don’t know….one of us. Far from perfect but right on the issues, bright, proven, and a proven winner against great odds. Come on Jeanna, Pull for Palen! lol


  5. Palen is on the far right, yes but oh so wrong on issues unless you want us all to go back in time not forward. ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE. Obama and Biden will lead our country into the new age NOT MCSame and Sara.

    We thought Jimmy Carter was bad! Just wait until the infirm are running the ward! Lets see. Economic policy – punish the most successful (who are already paying most of the income taxes for the whole population) Foriegn policy – Appease and apologize Perhaps the world would be better if we had enjoyed a tea with Hitler. Military – I will not even go there! Supreme Court – A pro abortion litmus test with some homosexual activism thrown in for good measure. Energy Policy Suspend common sense and demand auto makers solve the problem, continue to promote the use of ethanol and widen the food shortage world wide. Etc. Etc.

    The “Change” people are crying for will be what’s left in your purse when the liberal air heads have their way without restraint. The goofy bunch who are this moment breaking glass and behaving like animals are now represenative of the Democrat base. Good luck!


  6. Quote”Whats left in your purse with the liberal airheads have their way without restraint.” What are you talking about? Our country is in the biggest mess because of a Republican Pres. If you Republicans are so great at the economy why is this country having the largest economic disaster of all times. Gas Prices!!! Wars!!!!! Housing in the toilet!!!! Stocks down!!! Income Down! ! The National Dept is through the roof!! Most other countries of the world HATE us!!! Get Real, The Republicans failed the American People, not to mention the 4,000 of our Young soldiers dead based on a LIE. Iraq made out with $79 billion dollars surplus while we all struggle and you are worried about what the democratic party will do to the economy???Are you brain washed or something? READ- THINK&

    You are good at stickig with the talking points. Is this really you or Chris Matthews?

  7. Its really me and I hope you do watch Chris Matthews instead of Fox Dork News. BEST WISHES Joanna

    ROFL I have discovered a way for Hardball’s ratings to be better, begin another network worse than MSNBC with a host goffier than Matthews. Joanna, lets talk again in a few weeks. I might go insane and jump on the Obama wagon…….NOT


  8. From what I read, David (1 Samuel) did not have any experience either. He was just a shepherd leading sheep while his other brothers had more experience. Hmm

    Too bad the VP means very little. I like McCain’s pick for VP but this will not change my vote.

  9. As a 64 year old “gun toting, career woman” all my working life, I believe she is the “change” we have prayed for to hear the REAL people of America. The debate tonight will be totally slanted towards Obama, how can it not be, but I think she can hold her own due to absolute honesty on her part.

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