White’s Ferry Road Relief

It doesn’t seem that long ago that that we were gearing up for what would be WFR Relief’s greatest domestic challenge, Hurricane Katrina. It’s time again. As I type this post Gustav is due to make landfall just west of New Orleans as a catagory 3 hurricane with winds of 115 mph. I am very thankful that state and local governments, FEMA, and the residents of the gulf coast are much better prepared because of lessons learned well from Katrina and Rita.

It is very likely that Gustav will not be nearly as bad as Katrina but it will still leave thousands of homes and business flooded from the expected 15′ storm surge. Thankfully about 90% of the residents of the hard hit areas have evacuated. But when they return they will need lots of help mucking out buildings, hauling debris, cutting downed trees, etc. WFR Relief is ready to help.

For over 35 years WFR Relief has been the clearing house for information, the distribution of volunteers, materials, food, water, and money. I have alwys been amazed at the generosity of church of Christ people who open their check books to assist those who are hurting after a natural catastrophe. I know many of my readers will want to give what you can to help. Please consider going to our website to make your contribution. It is easy and simple. Click CONTRIBUTE to give.

If you have questions, have volunteers who want to help, or need to talk to us for any reason please call 318-396-6000 beginning Tuesday morning. Until then you can contact my wife Carol Ogle, the Relief Coordinator for WFR Relief at 318-348-2291. My hope is that the storm will diminish somewhat before it makes landfall. It looks as if it will hit the most suitable area of the gulf coast where there is fewer residents than any other stretch of shoreline.

There is another storm gaining strength and predictions, although early, have it going to Florida or further up the Atlantic coast. There is much to do. We need people and funds but more than that we need your prayer support. Thanks for your concern and consideration.

His peace,
Royce Ogle

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