Top 10 Posts of All Time

Questions churches should ask when hiring a preacher but don’t.
Church of Christ? What is it?
3 Baptisms in Acts 2
The Palen pick, risky or brilliant?
The Parade of Pharisees
How to build a 1st Century church in the 21st Century
Jay Guin, Change Agent
Before the Throne of God I Stand
God is angry!
The future of Progressive churches of Christ?



I am surprised that some of these posts continue to get read almost every day. I have written others that in my opinion were far better. Maybe the title wasn’t as interesting, or perhaps it was the categories or tags I used?

For whatever reason I am honored and humbled to still have readers. That my personal therapy is interesting to others, and even helpful and enlightening to a few, is indeed appreciated deeply.

June 29th will mark my 5th year as a blogger. I remember that I almost quit once. I’m glad some of my friends encouraged me to continue. Even if I didn’t publish here I would still write my thoughts.

Thank you readers (The vast majority never have commented, less than 1% do) for continuing to read the musings of an old man who loves Jesus.

Royce Ogle
Monroe, LA


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