A Presidential Election, God’s choice – Our choice?

At the outset I think it is only fair that I make the following statements:

I am a political junkie! The next several days for me is akin to the Superbowl. Since I was a teen I have been entertained by a good debate, the subject matter not being the most important thing, but the contest of words. So, I look forward to the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates with great interest.

I am a very conservative Republican! My family roots go way back in the hills and hollers of Western North Carolina where for centuries everyone was a Democrat. (Except for one old great-uncle who was very likely a Republican just to be even more irritating than he naturally was.) Ronald Reagan singularly changed not only my family but the whole region. I need to thank Jimmy Carter too. Had he not been such a dud of a President, Reagan would not have looked nearly so good in contrast.

Above all else I am a Christ exalting Christian. I understand the difference between the Kingdom of God and the United States of America. And, I understand the difference in the loyalties expected. I don’t buy the increasingly popular idea that to be a good citizen of my country I necessarily must compromise my allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Now, regarding the elections in November. God’s choice or our choice?

My answer is both! In my view the most responsible citizens in every society should be those who claim to be followers of Jesus. The Roman Empire was not exactly a theocracy but instead was rather oppressive and cruel, but Jesus said, “Pay your taxes”. And, Paul said the deputy sheriff does not carry his service weapon just for adornment (Romans 13:4). The lesson is pretty clear. Respect the authority over you. Again, I can’t over stress the historical context in which Jesus and Paul commented on government.

In some way government officials, Democrat, Republican, and even Communist, serve the purposes of our God. (Romans 13:6) I’ll be first to admit that I forget this truth often and tend to be more submissive in heart to those in power with whom I agree.

We get to vote but the choice will be God’s for His purposes!

In the United States we have the privilege every four years of voting for the person of our choice to be the Chief Executive of our country for the next four years. I believe it is a duty for every U.S. Citizen to be an informed voter and to vote. Of course anyone has the absolute right to not vote, and the right as well to gripe loudly if the results are not agreeable.

Who do I vote for? In light of what I know about Christ and the Bible, the Constitution of the Untied States, world history and current events, I enter the voting booth and vote for the person who I believe will likely govern closest to biblical principles, best protect the security interests of the country, and who best understands the scope of government the founders of the country envisioned. It’s about that simple.

Four years ago I was disappointed with the outcome. (Sen McCain would have been only slightly better in my view..). However, behind all that happens in debates, polling, campaigning, lying, cheating, voting, and finally getting a candidate elected, God casts the final ballot!

The wicked King of Egypt was reminded by Daniel the prophet when he gave the meaning of the king’s dream,

“You, O king, the king of kings, to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom, the power, and the might, and the glory” (Daniel 2:37 ESV).

And Daniel said earlier after praying for the wisdom to know the meaning of the king’s dream,

“Daniel answered and said:“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings” (Daniel 2:20-21a)

I can’t speak for you but it gives me great comfort to know that after other citizens and, and other Christians and I have done all we can do with God’s blessing, in the end, God’s plan will not be thwarted.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts “ (Isaiah 55:8,9)

So, go do your civic duty. Choose who you think will best govern our God blessed country. Or, if you choose not to vote, that’s your right. In the end the sovereign God of the Bible will have the final say. It is he who grants power and authority to those who rule over the rest of us and He knows best.

I have always been fascinated by this statement in the Bible.

“When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners”. (Romans 5:6)

It was not by chance that Jesus died exactly in history on the very day of God’s choosing. It was at “just at the right time…”. The Roman government did not invent crucifixion but they perfected it. It was that cruel death on a cross that God chose for his one and only Son. It was by the cruelest method God chose to crush him. It was God’s timing when the events of Acts 2 and following would happen. How convenient for people from all over the known world, from every language and people group it seems, to have converged on one city to hear the good news. And, how convenient for the Roman Empire to have built good roads and to have regular shipping routes for the gospel of Jesus to spread in the most efficient ways possible!

Oh yes! I’m passionate about this upcoming election. I’ve picked my man. But in early January whomever is given the oath of office and is inaugurated will be God’s choice for this time. It is not my job to figure God out, I can’t and you can’t. My task is to trust him, and I will, even in the choice of President of the United States.


The Price of Freedom


Soon to be leaders of the free world.

If they govern as President and Vice President like they did as U.S. Senators we could be in for a wild ride in the next several months. No U.S. Senators can honestly claim to be more liberal, leftist than these two. But, they are ours and I wish them well. I tried to change the channel but this isn’t Saturday night live…


The highest and the lowest.

Keith Olberman can rightfully claim to be the chief Bush hater in America. No other TV blabber even comes close to him when it comes to hating W.

Chris Matthews keeps the bottom of cable news ratings sewed up solidly. The only way his ratings can rise is if someone can figure a way to produce a show on MSNBC that is actually more awful than his.


On top!

Bill O’Reilly’s O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Network owns cable TV. He is number one consistently. Only Bill’s ego out paces his TV ratings. I’ll admit it, I watch and mostly agree with his positions. But when he is wrong he is really wrong!











Thanks for the miseries guys.

Thanks to the warped views of reality by these two, Sen. Barney Frank and Sen. Chris Dodd we have as their gift the housing/mortgage meltdown. They jointly insisted that home ownership is a right of every American if they could pay for it or not. Now we taxpayers are paying.


3 Things that will not go away; Death, Taxes, and Hillary

She is a stand by her man kind of a gal. Meet the new Sec. of State. She does know how to get along with others. I think she will actually be very good at this job. I wish her well.


Uh…You know…um…can I use a life line?

This Camelot kid is not ready for prime time. She has the name, plenty of connections, and tons of cash but she can’t seem to put a complete sentence together without the school girl fillers. Please, enough Kennedy’s!





In 2007, only President George Bush was hated more than Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Why was she so hated? If I knew the correct answer to that question I could then explain liberals and why they think and act as they do.

Now the show is over and Gov Palin is quietly doing her job, and very well. She will be back…


He an’t no Billy Graham

For now the news media is slobbering all over Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback church in California. He will give the inauguration prayer for Obama in spite of the outcry from the girlie boys. Up to now Warren has navigated the shark infested waters of the national media rather well. He is a good man with a great message but comparisons to Billy Graham are a bit over the top.


Quiet! …. Auctioneer at work

This Chicago politician decided to auction off Mr. Obama’s U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder and got caught. He still doesn’t seem to understand what all the fuss is about. Gov. Blagojevich is just one of a host of legendary crooked governors and others who hail from the windy city. They make Louisiana politics look like nursery school. The Gov’s next photo might have Dept of Correction numbers at the bottom. Let’s hope so. That is if he is guilty of course.


This man knows something about hot air!

Former Vise Vice President Albert Gore has contributed more hot air to the planet than any other man alive. Gore should give back the Nobel Prize since he was selected based on a fraud. Global Warming has been soundly disproved. Why anyone would believe anything the “inventor of the Internet” said is beyond me. Go back to being a slum lord Mr. Gore, you are better suited for that job.



The hatred for this good man is unlike anything I have ever seen in my almost 64 years. Could it be that he is “America first” in international policy matters, or that he is one of those ignorant Christians who actually believe the Bible? Whatever the reasons he has been the favorite person to hate for the last 8 years.

Not one of his critics to my knowledge factor in the events of 9-11 and the resulting effects on the world and our country. Hypocrites  by the dozens get red in the face about his sending our troops into Iraq yet they supported just that very thing. Almost to the  last one, those elected officials who have been the hardest on President Bush are two faced liars with poll driven morals and wouldn’t know the truth if it stared them in the face.

History will be more kind to President George W. Bush than you might think. His lasting legacy will be that we have not had another attack since 9-11. I have disagreed with him more than any other President I have ever voted for but he is a good man and deserves respect for his service to our country.

Choose your liberal

This Saturday Louisiana voters will go to the polls to vote for local candidates and for Presidential candidates as well. I have restrained myself from writing any political commentary on this blog but decided to make an exception this time.

I have never been more frustrated and disgusted with the crop of candidates we have running this cycle. Gov. Mitt Romney, the most hated by the largest, most influential news outlets, is also the most conservative. The Super Tuesday results made it clear that he will not be the eventual Republican nominee. National politics is driven by bloggers, cable news networks, talk radio, major newspapers, and to a lesser degree the major TV networks. With the exception of some talkers and Fox News, all of the above detest any conservative.

My guess is that in November we will be given the choice of voting for Sen. John McCain or Sen. Obama. Of course it could be McCain vs. Clinton but I doubt it. Clinton is already short on funds having to dip into personal funds to the tune of $5 million and having staffers to go unpaid. Clinton’s greatest sin is that she has not been fervent enough against the war in Iraq. Other than that issue there isn’t a nickles worth of difference between the two. Sadly, McCain is not much better.

McCain has the endorsement of most large liberal news papers, left wingers like Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, and others love McCain who they tout as being “bi-partisan”. Of course in the general election they will savage him in favor of any Democrat. Sen. McCain is a Ross Perot with slightly more common sense. Both have huge egos and both espouse nutty positions on an array of issues.

Sen. McCain says “I will get Osama..”, “I will stop pork barrel spending”, “I will appoint only strict constructionist judges”, bla bla bla, All political election time hot air. If John McCain is a conservative I am a Pygmy astronaut. Again and again McCain has proved that he is a liberal. He can say what he wants but his record is there for anyone to see who cares to check him out. Taxes, immigration, First Amendment rights, and a host of other issues have found the war hero on the wrong side time and time again.

The sickening truth is that the godless left wing nuts are winning. The United States is slowly marching toward Socialism or Communism. More dependency on government, more intrusion of government into our lives, more government approval and empowerment of perversion and immorality and even folks who claim to be conservative Christians are falling in line and by their votes approve the decline of the greatest society in history.

Possibly the best thing that can happen for the short term is to give the liberals both houses of Congress and the White House for four years and then we can perhaps get conservatives back in power and turn the tide of political correctness, amorality, and the mind numbing buzz of left wing idiots unleashed. Sometimes giving people what they think they want is the best way to prove to them it is not what they need.

I have not mentioned Gov. Huckabee because like Dr. Ron Paul he has no chance of winning the nomination. He is a likable fellow but he to is tilted way too far to the left on far too many issues.  He might possibly earn a shot at VP but I seriously doubt that McCain wants a proud Christian on his ticket.

Well, its off my chest. What do you think?

Still hoping,

Only moments after I posted this, Gov. Romney dropped out of the race. Here is a link to the address he gave as he left the contest. http://thepage.time.com/transcript-of-romneys-speech-withdrawing-from-the-race/ It is one of the best I have ever read.