Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

What? You don't cover pre-existing conditions?

Only God can cover pre-existing conditions and win in the end. Anyone with an IQ equal to or above a turnip should know this. Sadly, our disillusioned political types evidently don’t have the common horse sense to understand such a simple conclusion.

It was bad enough when they decided that health care coverage is a “right” which I assume in their view is afforded by the U.S. Constitution. Of course there is no such right except in the twisted minds of those elected officials and their supporters who can’t care less about the Constitution. Of course political correctness usurped the founding documents authority long ago. These same pin heads also decided that every American had a “right” to own a home and presto the economy came tumbling down after the mortgage payments came due.

If the U.S. government decides that auto insurers must cover pre-existing conditions (it could happen…) how long can they stay in business? What an absurd idea! It is not however any more absurd than thinking health insurance companies can survive under the same restrictions. Oh, but the “public option” government insurance provider can survive, they don’t have to deal with inconveniences like profitability. Get the picture?

The whole motive of this assault the nation’s health insurance companies is to drive them out of business so that eventually every American person on American soil will have to feed at the government trough. The same goal is behind the demise of the auto industry in the U.S. It is the Democrat way.

The only way Democrats can gain and keep power is to have a huge segment of the voting public (dead and alive) totally dependent upon Uncle Sam for as many needs as possible. Their policies have kept minority people groups in the economic basement for decades and because a huge percentage of them are on some government subsidy they vote solidly Democrat in national elections.

I wonder if there is one or two Democrats in the Senate with enough common sense and love of country to defeat this freedom robbing bill now being debated? Will Senators represent the people who elected them? Many will not. They will vote the party line, their own self interests, at the expense of those who pay for their lavish lifestyles.

Someone has said that people have the government they deserve. I think this might be a true statement. I say read the U.S. Constitution and kick the bums out of office who ignore it. Don’t be stuck on stupid! For some it is a pre-existing condition and they are beyond help.

Fed up taxpayer,


Where have the statesmen gone?









Since 1864 men and women elected to the United States congress have taken the “oath of office” with their left hand on the Bible and their right hand raised saying,

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
The oath for President and Vice President, in regard to the Constitution adds the word “protect”. How different would our country be if each person who gave such a solemn oath actually meant it? It has become a formal, public lie.
Constitutional abuse is as common in Washington, D C as cocktail parties and tall tales. Once in office the overwhelming majority of our elected officials only give allegiance to themselves and their quest for keeping the power, fame, and fortune their offices affords. I seriously wonder how many Senators and Congressmen have even read the document? If they have read it they forgot what they read.
We must never forget that our great country is not a democracy but rather a constitutional republic. The United States Constitution is the bedrock foundation of what was once the greatest country in world history. We have been the freest people afforded with the most opportunity of any people on earth. Although now only a shadow of our greatness, still people from every country on earth desire to come to the United States. It is still head and shoulders above any other country in almost any way a country is measured.
I wonder how much thought President Obama is giving to defending, protecting, and defending the United States Constitution? It is apparent that he and others from both sides of the aisle only focus on various ways to subvert the Constitution. They have the same attitude toward the Constitution that most business men do toward the IRS code. They pay attorneys big bucks to find loop holes and ways to get around it.
I am astonished that no prominent Senator or Congressman is screaming foul at the Constitutional abuse of this administration. In my view they would be but for the fact that they are not “statesmen” but political whores. They want to be reelected and keep the power and prestige that accompanies the office.
One glaring example of Constitutional abuse is the Obama administration telling companies how much they can pay their employees. I am not arguing that there is no excess in the  pay of many top executives of large corporations. What I am saying is the federal government has no jurisdiction, according to the U.S. Constitution, over private business practices in regard to pay.
When our country falls, and in my view it will, it will be precisely because those men and women we entrusted with defending and supporting the United States Constitution lied when they took the oath of office.
Where have the statesmen gone? There was a time when people went to Washington whose sole goal was to protect the republic and defend the Constitution and by so doing protect the states and their people. Many decades of legislators with the morals of dogs has eroded states rights so that most young people are not even aware the several states should have any rights.
Republicans are just a guilty as Democrats. It is sad that in a country founded by the blood of patriots and built upon perhaps the greatest document in human history other than the sacred Scriptures, that the wacky congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, is often the lone voice appealing to the U.S. Constitution.
I am sick of men and women whose greed and desire for approval far outweighs their personal ethics and innate morality. Unless the common tax paying, law-abiding citizens revolt and demand that our nation return to its roots we will continue to swirl around the drain of demise. Our days as a free people are numbered. Will we sit on our hands and do nothing? It appears that is our course of inaction.
May God have mercy on us all.
Royce Ogle