Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

What? You don't cover pre-existing conditions?

Only God can cover pre-existing conditions and win in the end. Anyone with an IQ equal to or above a turnip should know this. Sadly, our disillusioned political types evidently don’t have the common horse sense to understand such a simple conclusion.

It was bad enough when they decided that health care coverage is a “right” which I assume in their view is afforded by the U.S. Constitution. Of course there is no such right except in the twisted minds of those elected officials and their supporters who can’t care less about the Constitution. Of course political correctness usurped the founding documents authority long ago. These same pin heads also decided that every American had a “right” to own a home and presto the economy came tumbling down after the mortgage payments came due.

If the U.S. government decides that auto insurers must cover pre-existing conditions (it could happen…) how long can they stay in business? What an absurd idea! It is not however any more absurd than thinking health insurance companies can survive under the same restrictions. Oh, but the “public option” government insurance provider can survive, they don’t have to deal with inconveniences like profitability. Get the picture?

The whole motive of this assault the nation’s health insurance companies is to drive them out of business so that eventually every American person on American soil will have to feed at the government trough. The same goal is behind the demise of the auto industry in the U.S. It is the Democrat way.

The only way Democrats can gain and keep power is to have a huge segment of the voting public (dead and alive) totally dependent upon Uncle Sam for as many needs as possible. Their policies have kept minority people groups in the economic basement for decades and because a huge percentage of them are on some government subsidy they vote solidly Democrat in national elections.

I wonder if there is one or two Democrats in the Senate with enough common sense and love of country to defeat this freedom robbing bill now being debated? Will Senators represent the people who elected them? Many will not. They will vote the party line, their own self interests, at the expense of those who pay for their lavish lifestyles.

Someone has said that people have the government they deserve. I think this might be a true statement. I say read the U.S. Constitution and kick the bums out of office who ignore it. Don’t be stuck on stupid! For some it is a pre-existing condition and they are beyond help.

Fed up taxpayer,


Obama vs. McCain Race….or racial?

The United States of America has made a lot of progress sense the days of slavery. Blacks in Africa sold their own people to white slave brokers who transported them to America to be owned like cattle as they worked cotton fields for white plantation owners. The Civil War was the bloodiest war ever fought by Americans, largely over the slavery disagreement. It is worthy of note that American whites did not invent slavery. Slavery is as old as human history.

We have made great progress. Either a woman will be Vice President or a black man will be President in just a few weeks. And, a powerful, smart woman, Sen. Hillary Clinton was runner up in the primaries for the Democrats. Progress? Not so fast!

I believe it is wrong to refuse to vote for a candidate because he or she is a person of color. There is no question about that. However, I believe it is just as wrong to vote for a candidate only because he or she is a person of color. It is wrong but it is a right in a free society.

Estimates are that around 90% of black Americans who vote will vote for Obama, and I believe most of those votes will be because he is an African American. It is largely the same mentality as the O.J. jury, “Don’t bother me with the facts, the brother is innocent”. On the flip side, there is no question that a large segment of the white population, across the south especially, will not consider any African American for President of the United States. These are sad facts but entirely true. There is a better than average possibility that the presidential race will be decided on racial preferences, not on policy positions.

The worst enemy the African Americans in our country have ever had is the Democrat Party. For many decades, especially during the 40 years Tip O’Neal and the Democrats had control of the congress, Democrats have adopted public policy that keeps minority people on the lowest rung of society. Their policies have stripped the black community of it’s dignity by producing several generations who have been trained to think the government is their caretaker and that they deserve a check each month because they are black and poor. To add to the problem the Democrats have enacted policy that rewards unemployment, immorality, and dependency on government. I have spoken with folks who tell me they would have to take a pay cut if they got a job. And, young women only have to have one more child to get a raise on the monthly welfare check.

Democrats did not intend this end, they only wanted to buy votes and keep political power but the end result is a large percentage of Americans with little self worth, fatherless homes, high crime, poor education, and little hope. Thank you Democrats.

Today in a country that most people think is progressive, blacks have much higher percentages of children born to unwed mothers, substance abuse, incarcerated males, children who do not graduate from high school or go to college, and are born with disadvantages that most will never overcome. All of this because Democrats want to keep political power. The Rev Jessie Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton, and other so called “black leaders” have only added to the problem and have done nothing to solve it.

The more political power the Democrats have the longer African Americans will suffer. But, because for decades they have been brain washed to believe that government is their saviour, they vote in mass for Democrats.

It is a mathematical impossibility for our country to continue on the present course. At some point, and soon I think, there will be more on the receiving end than on the productive end and it will come crashing down. Every dollar spent by government must be earned by an American citizen and taxed out of his pocket by the U.S. government.

Republicans are only slightly better than Democrats on domestic policy. Very slightly. On national security they are far better. Common sense demands that I vote for McCain-Palin. Gov. Sarah Palin has little experience but is the only real conservative in the race. Come to think of it, Abraham Lincoln had less experience than Gov. Palin. I think he worked out pretty well.

Agree or disagree, that’s the way I see it.