The Little Party Who Couldn’t Govern

Just over one year ago President Obama was sworn into office after a sweeping victory. His path to Pennsylvania Ave was dotted with huge enthusiastic, cheering, record breaking crowds who chanted “Yes we can!”. Accompanying President Obama was both houses of Congress solidly in the “D” category. One would have thought that with Congress and the White House in their pockets, Mr. Obama and the Democrats could really enact the “change” candidate Obama promised.

Now the boisterous left leaning crowds have quieted somewhat, a year is in the history books, and what has President Obama and the Democrats accomplished that is good? Um……………er………………….let me see…………….I can’t think of one thing. Oh, I remember, they say they have saved 2 million jobs. Using that logic the 911 perpetrators could claim they saved millions of New Yorker’s lives because they didn’t kill everyone in the city! Give us a break Mr. President!

(Before I continue I’ll make this disclaimer: Over spending has been our nations biggest problem since Nixon. That includes Reagan, the Bush’s, and Republican controlled congresses. Senators and U.S. Representatives love spending your money without restraint.)

What do Democrats have to show for their mandate to govern? I’ll offer some suggestions.

  • Tens of thousands of new U.S. Government employees, the largest growth of government since ’92 (Reagan).
  • National debt with numbers so high mathematicians can’t even grasp how much money is being projected as a short-fall.
  • Unemployed Americans in real numbers of 10 to perhaps over 15 percent.
  • Selected government bail outs of some banks and car companies that is yet is an unproven experiment paid for out of your grandkids bank accounts.
  • Less U.S. respect around the globe highlighted by the mad man of Iran thumbing his nose at President Obama’s deadline on nukes.
  • A President who has been nothing more than an official apologist for America’s historic greatness.
  • A military strategy in Afghanistan that looks as if it was designed by the Keystone Cops.
  • A shocking increase in attempted terror attacks on U.S. soil. (The current threat is “sure” according to security chiefs)
  • An attempt to take over the health care system in our country by the inept U.S. Government. (looked at the U.S. Postal Service’s P & L sheet lately?)
  • Historic tax increases are on the way to almost every American’s paycheck if the Democrats get their way.
  • China and Japan are increasingly being given more and more control of our future thanks to juvenile economic policy. (Their combined ownership of U.S. holdings and our debt to them is shocking!)
  • President Obama is a documented liar on the order of one William Jefferson Clinton. Need I lay out details?

I could go on but you get the picture. But, thank God for Democracy, the tide is turning. From the leftists from the insane Daily Kos crowd to the most liberal Representatives and Senators, liberals are seeing the writing on the wall. They are increasingly realizing that President Obama is not the man of their dreams while he might likely be the man of their nightmares.

President Obama’s approval ratings are falling like our national security and the Congress, well, lets just say the folks an’t happy with them. Unless things change drastically in the next few months President Obama will serve out the rest of his term with Republicans in control of both houses of Congress. That would be a good thing and it is the genius of the U.S. system, it tends over time to correct when on a course of destruction.

I’ll end this post with what irks me most about President Obama and his liberal friends, his and their disregard for the U.S.Constitution. When the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that limiting the free speech of corporate groups of U.S. citizens was unconstitutional President Obama rushed to the nearest camera to challenge the ruling. What an arrogant act!

It is not constitutional to tell a company how much they can pay an employee. It is not constitutional to tell any American he must buy health insurance coverage or pay a hefty fine. It is not constitutional to give the full rights of U.S. citizens to foreign enemy combatants. (It was wrong when President Bush allowed it and it is wrong now.) It is unconstitutional for the U.S. Government to infringe upon states rights. (the list is too long for this format)

This administration is characterized by the failed “Cash for Clunkers” program. Car owners traded in their gas guzzlers and received over valued trade in amounts as credits toward the purchase of more eco-friendly cars. The American people took advantage of the program. The problem was two-fold. Every consumer who traded in a clunker received $3500 to $4500 credit toward his new car. Each of these transactions cost U.S. taxpayers over $23,000 dollars (a low estimate given the latest available info)

Added to this debacle, U.S. used car dealers took a lump on the head due to much less inventory at their disposal and many consumers who would have done business with them went instead to new car dealers.

This sort of pooled insanity is typical of the government we have today. I am sincerely hoping for a better tomorrow. I am not very optimistic. Republicans are just about as bad as Democrats for spending other people’s money, the heart of our national problem.

May God bless America.

Royce Ogle

Health Care Reform, Run for Your Life!

Liberals don’t make good doctors. Their prescription for health care reform is not a cure!

Doctors will be paid 20% less for procedures done under Medicare (beginning in 2014). Then they will have no increase for the next 10 years by law. Result? There will be a shortage of doctors.
Who wants to go to med school, pile up an enormous debt in student loans and know you will not earn much money? Some doctors might opt out making the demand for the fewer doctors higher resulting in long waiting lists, and or rationing of care.

Insurance companies will fail. They cannot charge enough premiums to cover the costs of operating without the ability to manage risk. (pre-existing conditions covered). And, the Democrats are going to see that making a profit as an insurance company does not happen. (Liberals hate profit and the free enterprise system) Some will argue this is not true. Explain the all out assault against business by the Democrats for the last two decades.

If you think you will not pay more over all you are delusional. Talk about voodoo economics, this administration is king of the bait and switch. Tanning salons are only the first small business to suffer because of the back room payoffs made by Reid and approved by Obama. The country is already broke, this puts us on a path to irreversible doom economically in the next 15 years or so.

The problem with the “Robin Hood” mentality of the Democrats is that the number of people earing lots of money are going to shrink drastically so Robin Hood will have fewer rich folks to rob, so of necessity he will have to come rob you. Tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend….This is the sum total of the Democrat agenda.

Thanks heavens there will be elections in 2010 and 2012!


Where have the statesmen gone?









Since 1864 men and women elected to the United States congress have taken the “oath of office” with their left hand on the Bible and their right hand raised saying,

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
The oath for President and Vice President, in regard to the Constitution adds the word “protect”. How different would our country be if each person who gave such a solemn oath actually meant it? It has become a formal, public lie.
Constitutional abuse is as common in Washington, D C as cocktail parties and tall tales. Once in office the overwhelming majority of our elected officials only give allegiance to themselves and their quest for keeping the power, fame, and fortune their offices affords. I seriously wonder how many Senators and Congressmen have even read the document? If they have read it they forgot what they read.
We must never forget that our great country is not a democracy but rather a constitutional republic. The United States Constitution is the bedrock foundation of what was once the greatest country in world history. We have been the freest people afforded with the most opportunity of any people on earth. Although now only a shadow of our greatness, still people from every country on earth desire to come to the United States. It is still head and shoulders above any other country in almost any way a country is measured.
I wonder how much thought President Obama is giving to defending, protecting, and defending the United States Constitution? It is apparent that he and others from both sides of the aisle only focus on various ways to subvert the Constitution. They have the same attitude toward the Constitution that most business men do toward the IRS code. They pay attorneys big bucks to find loop holes and ways to get around it.
I am astonished that no prominent Senator or Congressman is screaming foul at the Constitutional abuse of this administration. In my view they would be but for the fact that they are not “statesmen” but political whores. They want to be reelected and keep the power and prestige that accompanies the office.
One glaring example of Constitutional abuse is the Obama administration telling companies how much they can pay their employees. I am not arguing that there is no excess in the  pay of many top executives of large corporations. What I am saying is the federal government has no jurisdiction, according to the U.S. Constitution, over private business practices in regard to pay.
When our country falls, and in my view it will, it will be precisely because those men and women we entrusted with defending and supporting the United States Constitution lied when they took the oath of office.
Where have the statesmen gone? There was a time when people went to Washington whose sole goal was to protect the republic and defend the Constitution and by so doing protect the states and their people. Many decades of legislators with the morals of dogs has eroded states rights so that most young people are not even aware the several states should have any rights.
Republicans are just a guilty as Democrats. It is sad that in a country founded by the blood of patriots and built upon perhaps the greatest document in human history other than the sacred Scriptures, that the wacky congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, is often the lone voice appealing to the U.S. Constitution.
I am sick of men and women whose greed and desire for approval far outweighs their personal ethics and innate morality. Unless the common tax paying, law-abiding citizens revolt and demand that our nation return to its roots we will continue to swirl around the drain of demise. Our days as a free people are numbered. Will we sit on our hands and do nothing? It appears that is our course of inaction.
May God have mercy on us all.
Royce Ogle

The Organizer in Chief


How is the Organizer in Chief doing?

He promised 4,000,000 jobs in his first two years as president. So far he claims to have created (or saved) roughly 500,000 jobs. The truth is he isn’t doing well in the jobs department. Just in one sector his brilliant organizing of the auto industry squashed multiplied thousands of jobs. He, like other liberals, doesn’t get it. The government only creates jobs that tax money pays for. If the jobs are government expansion or jobs with salaries paid for by government entitlements or grants, those jobs are a net loss to the country at least for the short term.

Jobs flourish and grow when government stays out of business. All you need do is study the track record of the U.S. government’s handling of finances and what you will observe is absolute failure. Government has never been efficient in the area of wealth management. Those facts do not stand in the way of those who believe government policy is the answer to every ill in America.

If at the end of Obama’s first term there is any growth in the private sector it will not be a result of government stuffed suits making brilliant decisions. America achieved its wealth and greatness because its people have historically had the freedom to create, imagine, and achieve their dreams of providing goods and services without government intervention. In every sector where the government has exercised more control that sector has suffered. The problems we face in the auto industry, health care, and the financial sector are a result of government policy gone airy.

After making a mess of the auto industry, now Obama has set his sights on the health care industry. Even liberals like Senator Chris Dobbs are squealing foul at this early stage. The prospects are scary to say the least.

I am not economist but I did graduate from high school. Obama plans to make health care cheaper and available to more Americans. Fine! How is he going to do it? He will spend just over a trillion bucks (far less than the Kennedy plan of $1.6 trillion) to save several billion. Brilliant huh? What do you suppose my wife would say if over dinner tonight I said to her, “Honey, I have a plan to make us financially secure. I am going to invest $100k of our money and that investment will save $75K. Isn’t that great?” That is the logic of the Obama plan for health care in our country. And, here is the worst part, the trillion or so bucks come right out of taxpayers’ pockets. There is no other source for the government to get money but your money. You, your children, and grand children will pay through the nose for this great savings plan and making health care available to more Americans. That is a huge reason to reject the Organizer’s plan.

Another huge problem is that Obama’s plan will still leave about 30% of Americans uninsured. It is a poor idea with gargantuan costs attached to it. I sincerely hope there will be just enough sanity in DC for this idea to go the way of Hillary care.

What American health care needs is pretty simple. Get government out and pass tort reform. While admittedly, drug companies are making tons of money on over priced products they are not the largest problem. Doctors spend a huge amount of money doing government paper work and paying for malpractice insurance. Most of the government required mountain of paperwork is not necessary. States should govern their medical complexes. And, if sleazy lawyers were unable to keep bringing lawsuits for lazy crooks there would be no need for expensive malpractice insurance.

Frivolous lawsuits are one of the largest industries in our country. There is a way to fix this cancer. There should be caps put on medical findings. And, there should be healthy fines and jail terms imposed on those attorneys who file frivolous law suits. A review panel of doctors, judges, and other citizens should be able to say to an attorney, “Squash this action or pay a find and or go to jail”. This is only a dream I am well aware. Almost every suit in DC is an attorney and the Trial Lawyers have most pols, Democrat and Republican, firmly in their pockets. I know this is off topic but I needed to say it. I know there are some good, honest attorneys; I’ve just never met one. If you are one or know one Great! The ones I have known will do anything for a buck and lying is as natural as breathing.

Blame America first. To date, this is the heart of Obama’s foreign policy. If there is an ill on planet earth, America and its policies are the genesis of the problem, but unbelievably his administration’s policies is the answer. Again and again, president Obama tries to appease our enemies by blaming the United States for everything imaginable. His problem is that even people in the Middle East aren’t buying it. His speech in Egypt did not set well with many leaders in the Arab world. They understand, as I do, talk is cheap. They want to see actual policy enacted that matches Obama’s rhetoric. To Obama and other liberals, talk is the same as doing something concrete.

Hollywood types with IQ’s of turnips make teary talks about hungry kids in some faraway place, or a rain forest in South America, and in their minds and the minds of the listeners, they have actually done something to solve the problem. The reality is that the only benefit of most celeb speeches is the confirmation of just how nutty and out of touch with real people they really are.

We will be able to better access Obama’s foreign policy success or failure near the end of his first term in 2012. It isn’t looking very good as of today.

The Organizer in chief, like other left wingers, has odd ideas about morality. If this were not so gravely serious it would be funny. Liberals from Hillary Clinton to John McCain decry water boarding as torture and it is horrible and unacceptable for a moral nation. Ok, that is a fair debate, I’ll give them that. For the sake of this illustration let’s assume water boarding is torture and immoral.

Water boarding involves one person and that person’s life is never threatened. No person has ever died from water boarding; they only think they might die. So, this method of getting information out of thugs is immoral and unacceptable. On this the liberals have declared the moral high ground.

Obama orders an unmanned drone to fly into a village in Afghanistan and bomb some terrorists and many innocent citizens into the Stone Age and this is moral and applauded by liberals. ( I approved too by the way..) The morality or immorality of bombing that includes innocent loss of life is not the question here it is the hypocrisy of saying water boarding of one individual is somehow less moral than killing scores of people including some innocents at one time. Logic and liberal thought are like oil and water, they don’t mix.

A majority of Americans (53%) are against abortion. Even candidate Obama declared that he was in favor of reducing the number of abortions. It is the exact same position of every liberal running for national office. “Reducing the number” of abortions is liberal speak for making abortion as widely spread as possible. Let me be clear, Obama and every other liberal like Clinton did not tell the truth on this front.

Obama didn’t waste any time making it so that your tax dollars will be spent to make killing unborn babies more possible around the globe, not just here at home. How is that for “reducing” the number of abortions? It was the first or second day of Obama’s presidency that I read on the Whitehouse web site that he had reversed a Bush restriction on spending U.S. money for abortions on foreign soil.

Abortion is the holy grail of liberal Democrats. There is nothing more entrenched in the political mindset of left wingers than abortion on demand around the world. Have you ever wondered why? In 2008 why is it true that no person can rise to the upper echelon of Democrat politics that is not in favor of birth control by aborting the unborn?

The answer is twofold. First, as a whole, liberals have no moral compass. Morality to them is as fluid as deciding where to “do lunch” on Tuesday. It is a morality of convenience. The result is a hodgepodge of stupidity and illogical policy that is taking our beloved America down the sewer.

The second answer is votes. There is no definable limit to what Democrats will do to insure they get and keep political power. If they could have illegal aliens, felons, and the inhabitants of grave yards vote in the mid-term elections in 2010 they would do it in a New York minute. History proves this 100%. Mr. Obama, Organizer in chief, got his political feet under him in the gutter world of Chicago politics. He is a product of that underworld of greed, corruption, vote rigging, and more.

Obama ran on one word, Change! We have change! Are you happy now? We are in for a bumpy ride folks. Tighten those seat belts and hide your wallets, you an’t seen nothin’ yet. The chickens will come home to roost and what a price we will pay!

Agree or disagree, this is the view from my front porch.