Health Care Reform, Run for Your Life!

Liberals don’t make good doctors. Their prescription for health care reform is not a cure!

Doctors will be paid 20% less for procedures done under Medicare (beginning in 2014). Then they will have no increase for the next 10 years by law. Result? There will be a shortage of doctors.
Who wants to go to med school, pile up an enormous debt in student loans and know you will not earn much money? Some doctors might opt out making the demand for the fewer doctors higher resulting in long waiting lists, and or rationing of care.

Insurance companies will fail. They cannot charge enough premiums to cover the costs of operating without the ability to manage risk. (pre-existing conditions covered). And, the Democrats are going to see that making a profit as an insurance company does not happen. (Liberals hate profit and the free enterprise system) Some will argue this is not true. Explain the all out assault against business by the Democrats for the last two decades.

If you think you will not pay more over all you are delusional. Talk about voodoo economics, this administration is king of the bait and switch. Tanning salons are only the first small business to suffer because of the back room payoffs made by Reid and approved by Obama. The country is already broke, this puts us on a path to irreversible doom economically in the next 15 years or so.

The problem with the “Robin Hood” mentality of the Democrats is that the number of people earing lots of money are going to shrink drastically so Robin Hood will have fewer rich folks to rob, so of necessity he will have to come rob you. Tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend….This is the sum total of the Democrat agenda.

Thanks heavens there will be elections in 2010 and 2012!


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