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This Saturday Louisiana voters will go to the polls to vote for local candidates and for Presidential candidates as well. I have restrained myself from writing any political commentary on this blog but decided to make an exception this time.

I have never been more frustrated and disgusted with the crop of candidates we have running this cycle. Gov. Mitt Romney, the most hated by the largest, most influential news outlets, is also the most conservative. The Super Tuesday results made it clear that he will not be the eventual Republican nominee. National politics is driven by bloggers, cable news networks, talk radio, major newspapers, and to a lesser degree the major TV networks. With the exception of some talkers and Fox News, all of the above detest any conservative.

My guess is that in November we will be given the choice of voting for Sen. John McCain or Sen. Obama. Of course it could be McCain vs. Clinton but I doubt it. Clinton is already short on funds having to dip into personal funds to the tune of $5 million and having staffers to go unpaid. Clinton’s greatest sin is that she has not been fervent enough against the war in Iraq. Other than that issue there isn’t a nickles worth of difference between the two. Sadly, McCain is not much better.

McCain has the endorsement of most large liberal news papers, left wingers like Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, and others love McCain who they tout as being “bi-partisan”. Of course in the general election they will savage him in favor of any Democrat. Sen. McCain is a Ross Perot with slightly more common sense. Both have huge egos and both espouse nutty positions on an array of issues.

Sen. McCain says “I will get Osama..”, “I will stop pork barrel spending”, “I will appoint only strict constructionist judges”, bla bla bla, All political election time hot air. If John McCain is a conservative I am a Pygmy astronaut. Again and again McCain has proved that he is a liberal. He can say what he wants but his record is there for anyone to see who cares to check him out. Taxes, immigration, First Amendment rights, and a host of other issues have found the war hero on the wrong side time and time again.

The sickening truth is that the godless left wing nuts are winning. The United States is slowly marching toward Socialism or Communism. More dependency on government, more intrusion of government into our lives, more government approval and empowerment of perversion and immorality and even folks who claim to be conservative Christians are falling in line and by their votes approve the decline of the greatest society in history.

Possibly the best thing that can happen for the short term is to give the liberals both houses of Congress and the White House for four years and then we can perhaps get conservatives back in power and turn the tide of political correctness, amorality, and the mind numbing buzz of left wing idiots unleashed. Sometimes giving people what they think they want is the best way to prove to them it is not what they need.

I have not mentioned Gov. Huckabee because like Dr. Ron Paul he has no chance of winning the nomination. He is a likable fellow but he to is tilted way too far to the left on far too many issues.  He might possibly earn a shot at VP but I seriously doubt that McCain wants a proud Christian on his ticket.

Well, its off my chest. What do you think?

Still hoping,

Only moments after I posted this, Gov. Romney dropped out of the race. Here is a link to the address he gave as he left the contest. It is one of the best I have ever read.

9 comments on “Choose your liberal

  1. Now that John McCain is the presumtive nominee for the Republicans, and either Clinton or Obama will be the Democratic nominee, people who plan to vote in the presidential election will have these choices.

    I think that I would vote for McCain over either of the Democratic possibilities. I admire his toughness, and respect the kinds of sacrifices he’s had to make for our country. I think it’s safe to say that he would not allow the U.S. military to become weak, and that he’d think long and hard about going to war. He knows both Congress and the Military from the inside out.

    The legislative process is always involves compromise. So I don’t necessarily fault McCain for those times when he has given up something in order to get something even more important to him.

  2. Royce,

    I hear what you are saying but I was reading an article recently that someone recommended, I can’t remember who, but the article made the point that a great deal of moral decline has taken place with a Republican in the White House.

    I understand your concern for the country, I’m just not sure the president can impact that.

    Darin, There is no doubt about that. I love President Bush and think he is a good man but I am very, very disappointed with him in many ways. One of the great things a President has at his disposal is his power to speak to the American people. I believe ethics in our national life could be advanced if the man (or woman) in the oval office would challenge us to behave in ethical ways and lead the way by being an example. Here in Louisiana I believe our newly elected Governor, Bobby Jindal is going to do that forcefully. Thanks for your comment.

    His peace,

  3. Royce,

    I agree with everything you said and you put it so well. Even if the President has very little control over the moral direction of the nation (and who knows for sure?) this is a government by the people, for the people. That makes us all leaders. As a leader of this nation, how can I have a part in voting someone in whose life is blatantly inconsistent with Christian ethics? It just makes no sense to me.

    I think your prediction is right as to who will be left. My prediction is that Obama will be the next president with Hillary as his running mate. The second part of that prediction may be off. But I think folks will be reacting to the current Republican administration, the war, and the economy.

    Frank made some good points about McCain which could make McCain the lesser of the evils. But McCain isn’t as slick on television and I think that has historically won elections as much as anything. But what do I know?

  4. I have heard it said, “When you mix religion and politics, you get, politics.” I think we need remember during this election season that Jesus was not a democrat or republican. He wasn’t political. It isn’t what His Kingdom is about. We must understand that in our churches that their are godly men and women who are democrat, republican, independant, socialists, and other ideologies. We must as ministers of the gospel of Christ, be cautious, not to get political during this election season. We must as ministers be understanding of others opinions that aren’t based on God’s word. We must be understanding of people’s socio-economic, political, background. We must continue to preach God’s message of grace, hope, love, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.
    It is just my thoughts though. 🙂

  5. Preacherman,

    I am not a preacher accountable to a local congregation. I am a Christian who happens to be an American citizen, and a political and religious conservative. My faith in Christ does not invalidate my right to speak out on political issues.

    Anyone, including you, who has a problem speaking about political issues can remain silent.

    As for opinions that are not based on God’s word, God knows we have plenty of those. In some circles opinions have as much weight as scripture.

    His peace,

  6. Royce,
    I know.
    I appreciate your opinions and thoughts on this post. You have great things to say about the political issues of today. I do think as Christians we should stand up for morality, and righteousness. God desires it. We should stress it. I appreciate your post, your opinions, your wisdom of scripture, and most of all your friendship. Keep up the great posts and bloggging. You do challenge and encourage us.
    I like that about your blog.
    God bless,

  7. Royce,
    I think most of the younger generation is leaning towards Obama.

    I think you are probably right Preacherman. People are so hopeful, so desperate for better lives, that they become gullible to a charasmatic young man who is wrong on every issue. He talks about hope, makes great stirring speeches, but is like a bucket with no water. I really hope Hillary pulls it off. She would be far easier to beat and if it must be a Democrat who wins she would be slightly better than Obama in my view.

    As always, thanks for your comment. I hope your health is improving.


  8. Thanks for reading and commenting my post. I agree with you and yes the President’s moral code does affect us, I had teens in my home during the Clinton administration and was so ashamed of the things we were hearing in our home, things that you don’t expect when your listning to the President speak on TV, that should be a PG-13 speach. When I was young it was such a big deal to hear the president speak, we all stopped to listen. Anyway in our little town I had to go ask the Democrats where I could go to vote in the Republican primary – not that it mattered, was just a matter of principle.

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