Brokenness for Brokenness – A Communion Meditation

Brokenness for brokenness, it is because of our common brokenness that we participate together remembering the brokenness of Jesus. He is acquainted with our griefs, he knows the burdens we bear, he has experienced our sorrow and disappointments.

Some of us are here this morning fresh from a broken relationship, or the betrayal of a friend. Or it might be that somebody you have disappointed yourself, having said something, or done something you wish you could take back. When we honestly examine ourselves, honestly.., there is very little to commend us to God.

Jesus was executed for crimes he didn’t commit. Some of those crimes were mine, and yours. He was forsaken by his very best friends at the exact time he needed a loyal friend. He was even forsaken by his heavenly Father because of the sins he bore. But, the story didn’t end at the cross or the tomb. He rose from death to live evermore and to give that life to sinners as a free gift.

Now we eat the bread, a symbol of his broken body and a reminder of his broken heart. And we know that because he was broken our brokenness can be healed.

And we drink the cup, a symbol of his life poured out, for sinners, for us. And we remember that a new covenant signed in his blood promises all sins have been taken away, we have the promise of a future with him, and abundant life now.

His brokenness for our brokenness.

Thank you Lord for the love you have lavished upon us, thank you making us whole, and thank you for everlasting life and the joy of knowing you as Lord of all.

Now as we eat and drink think only of Him. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

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