I have written somewhere here on my blog this phrase “in pursuit of truth..”. I believe searching for truth is an altogether worthy ambition. Since Jesus himself is Truth and all truth springs from his eternal life, truth seekers should be more common in my view.

Recently I was flipping channels and came upon an Osprey couple and their young. One of the mature birds would fly out over the water and with both precision and grace would dive upon an unsuspecting meal (a fish) sinking sharp talons into the victim and then the bird would fly back to the nest with dinner. As the adults ripped bits of flesh off the dying fish the young Ospreys would open their mouths as wide as possible and wait to be fed. Whatever mom or dad deposited into them was happily accepted.

Far too many Christians are like those Osprey chicks. They take anything that comes along without thinking. “Brother so and so said it so that’s the way it is.” ” This is how we’ve always done it so it’s truth.” Really?

God calls his own to love him with their minds. We are to think! It is a dangerous task, I warn you. If you start thinking, if you start looking for truth apart from some of the traditional sources you are asking for trouble. I know from experience. And, it can be quite unsettling and uncomfortable. I know from experience. When I started valuing truth and searched for it I had to begin the scary process of asking myself a series of questions. “Why do I believe what I believe about God, about Jesus, about the church? What is the truth about how God saves a sinner? On what basis does God justify ungodly people like me and you? I can get down right nasty inside your head. Ahh.. but once you settle on truth it’s like a long drink from a cool spring on a hot day, like a deep breath of fresh air, a freedom you have never known. A rest, if you will.

Well, I know three young men who are thinkers and truth tellers. And, they are challenging others to do some serious thinking too. A couple of pharmaceutical reps, the team leader of a couple of global ministries, you know, just typical young southern men. They decided to do something about the intellectual laziness that characterizes so many of God’s people, and especially those millions who are not yet Christians for a variety of reasons. is where you can find some podcasts. They make sense. Listen and tell me what you think.



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