A Bible Teacher Test

My dear friend and Christian brother Edward Fudge ended his latest gracEmail with this paragraph in response to a reader who wants more attention paid to false teachers. Bro’ Fudge’s advice is very good, so good I could not resist sharing it here.

After exercising the grace-gift of teaching for a half-century myself, I suggest the following tests. Does this person focus on Jesus and glorify him? Does he/she make clear that our salvation is God’s free and undeserved gift, which we enjoy by trusting in Jesus? Is the teacher’s own lifestyle Christlike, or entirely different from the lifestyle of Jesus? Does this teacher make me want to do right, to trust God, and to love other people — or does he/she have exactly the opposite effect? Two final reminders: who we know is more important thanwhat we know (Matt. 7:21-23). And it does no good to hear and understand what Jesus says unless it shapes the way we live (Matt. 7:24-27).

Among those who know the humble Mr. Fudge there is a majority opinion that he is indeed a master teacher. He is also a gifted author and popular speaker crossing denominational lines to hold high the banner for Jesus Christ our Lord. The quoted section above is only a taste of what you can find at www.edwardfudge.com. You can also subscribe to his weekly email (gracEmail) read by thousands around the world.

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