An Appeal and Opportunity to Help the Hurting


White’s Ferry Rd. Church of Christ
3201 N. 7th St., West Monroe, LA 71291
(318) 396-6000

Don Yelton, Director
(828) 891-5562

“If you spend yourself on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
 then your light rises in the darkness and your night shines like the noonday.” Isaiah 58:10

Carol Ogle, Ministry Coordinator
(318) 665-0569

May 9, 2007

Dear Friends:

 By midnight last Friday eleven Greensburg families, members of the church of Christ, were
homeless. Ninety-five percent of their town was destroyed. They attended Wednesday evening services
at the nearby Mullinsville church of Christ and left that night having no idea that within just 48 hours their
lives would be changed forever.

The small town of Greensburg, Kansas, located about 100 miles west of Wichita, was ripped to
shreds by the violent tornado which hit the town in a 1.7 mile wide path of terror on Friday night, May 6.
At the request of the church in Mullinsville and on behalf of WFR Relief I will go to the stricken area to-
morrow to pray with people, offer our hand of friendship, answer the phone and just help out for a few
days. We will deliver funds for immediate needs to relieve some of the suffering in central Kansas even
as we continue providing Katrina relief along the Gulf Coast. We will also install a computer for internet
service to help the church there with their communications.

The first and foremost goal of our ministry is to offer hope to those who are hurting. By assuring
people affected by disasters that their immediate needs will be taken care of, they can look to the future
with confidence and be assured that Christian brothers and sisters around the world care and are praying
for them.

Almost two years ago you helped WFR Relief deliver supplies of food, water, building materials
and volunteers to Churches of Christ all along the gulf coast who were striving to help their members and
their communities recover from the hurricane damage. After Katrina came Rita and several other hurri-
canes, floods and storms in the Caribbean. There is still much work to be done all along the gulf coast
and those funds are almost gone.

We must have your partnership and financial support to be able to continue to be ready to bring
hope and help to people whose lives have been devastated by disasters. Please pray for us as we reach out
to them.

WFR Relief is using our emergency start-up fund for the Kansas disaster. We need to replenish
that fund to provide more help to the churches in Mullinsville, Pratt, Saint John and other Kansas commu-
nities. We must also be ready to help others in this storm season. Even as this letter is being written,
floods threaten many areas. Please be generous.

Checks may be made to “WFR Relief” and notated for the “Kansas tornadoes and U.S. Storms”
account. You may also use Pay Pal or a credit card at our website: 

 God bless you for caring,

 Don Yelton

7 comments on “An Appeal and Opportunity to Help the Hurting

  1. Royce,

    Thanks for the update, the addresses and the information. I’ll pass it on to the church tonight.


  2. Thanks. I rededicated my life to Christ at the St. John CoC. We ran regional track at Greensburg.

    My brother is in Pratt and I have asked him what needs exist. It is amazing how bad it is.

  3. I have two distant cousins in Greensburg, we haven’t heard from them yet. I dont know if they attended the CoC, I do know most of the extended family does. Anyway, this is wonderful what you’re doing!

  4. Our church family has been a leader in churches of Christ since 1979 when sevcral of our men took a convoy of trucks with food, clothing, and Bibles into Communist Poland. The next year they responded to the horrible famine in Etheopia and WFR Relief was born and by God’s care we have responded to natural desasters all around the world for these almost 30 years.

    When God’s people know what is needed they always respond in a liberal way. We expect this time to be no different.

    As you have opportunity, please pass this post to your friends and churches.



  5. Thanks for the information.
    Our congregation sent through your church for katrina.
    I will let the men of the congregation know about this need and most likely send help for this need as well. God bless your work.

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