7 comments on “Our Church is…??

  1. Not particularly the church I attend, but …

    “The only thing alive in our church are the plants.”

    “Our singing is so bad, I’m beginning to wish for a piano.”

  2. 1.The sermon is so long the elders placed a trap door under the pulpit.
    2. The church ran out of grape juice so the youth group replaced it with dimetapp.
    3.The youth minister put woopie cushions under the old ladies seats so they would move up closer to the front.
    4.The preacher gets spit up on during the baby dedications by half of the babies.
    5.You get new song books and the song lead still says turn to song # 728b. 🙂
    6.The congregation is so focused on time that there is a clock in the front and the back of the auditorium.
    7.The old ladies to to elders because the song leader used a pitch pipe and they think it was an instrument.
    8.The wheels on the bus do go up and down.
    9.And the kids pockets go jingle jangle jingle.
    10.The minister never gets to eat the deviled eggs at pot luck lunches.

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