Duck Commander Shares the Good News


People from several states and Canada poured into the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ today to see and hear the man called the “Duck Commander“, Phil Robertson. Today was “Duck Commander Sunday” and it was a huge day! Our regulars at WFR served as parking attendants, ushers, greeters, and in other ways, to get hundreds into and out of two big services.

With cameras and cell phones in hand, Duck Dynasty fans saw all the characters in the photo above. Si Robertson led the opening prayer, Jase Robertson gave the communion meditation and Jep Robertson and John Godwin led prayers. Missy Robertson and her son Cole Robertson sang on the praise team and Alan Robertson greeted the crowd and introduced his dad, Phil, the patriarch of the Robertson clan and founder of Duck Commander.

Phil was in his usual form for both the 8:00 am and 10:00 am services. His message included no fluff, rather it was gut punch reality. Our country has declined in direct proportion to how we have nationally forgotten God. He quoted many of the founders of our Republic and compared them to the leaders we have today, it’s not pretty. One of my favorite quotes this morning was “Our problems don’t have a political solution, they only have a spiritual solution”. To that I can say a hearty Amen!

Then, as only Phil Robertson can, he carefully explained why men and women need Christ and delivered the most clear and convincing presentation of the good news you can hear anywhere. Not one person could leave that room and say they have not heard the gospel.

From Phil, the oldest, right down to the children, the Robertson family sees the success of the TV show, and their popularity, as an open door and a platform to share Christ with as many people as possible while they have opportunity. They are being faithful to that vision, preaching the good news about Jesus to thousands each month.

Why do the Robertson’s do what they do? And why does a church have Duck Commander Sunday? Love, that’s the answer! They, and the church, love people enough to do whatever possible to announce the good news to as many people as possible.

We Americans are still blessed to live in a relatively free society where we can still worship openly and share Christ with others. We must not take this liberty for granted. Pray for our leaders and pray that the bad ones will be replaced with better ones. Above all else let’s put into practice loving God and loving each other. It is a winning plan!

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  4. Dear Mr. Ogle,
    I found your blog while looking for reports on Duck Commander Sunday. I met you Saturday at the Duck Commander store while you were manning the door. You were so friendly, and after you told me you work with the welcome ministry at WFR, I was not surprised to be greeted multiple times and made to feel right at home on Sunday morning. I was in need of a spiritual uplift and the service was just what I needed. Such heavenly singing and powerful preaching! The Robertsons are so full of faith, they make me want to be better about sharing my convictions. We will be back to visit at White’s Ferry Road and hopefully, my husband can come with me next trip.
    Thank you again for your kindness and I’m glad I found your blog…you have some great things to share. Take care.

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