Duck Dynasty, The Story Behind the Story



About six months ago I wrote a post titled “Duck Dynasty, what you know and probably what you don’t know”. In that post I said that Duck Dynasty is not just about a TV show, or duck calls, or even hunting ducks. Rather, the Robertson clan’s first priority is to reach as many people as possible with the good news about Jesus.

Fast forward to this morning. During the invitation at our church the oldest Robertson son, Alan related this story. A few days ago a call came in to the Duck Commander office from a young wife. She told about how her husband, who was not a Christian, had become a big fan of Duck Dynasty. He was so impressed with the personalities that he got on the internet and found a video of a talk the Duck Commander, Phil Robertson, had given. He watched and listened and it got him thinking. Later he saw the video of Willie Robertson speaking to the students at Harding University. He heard Phil preach about Jesus dying, the resurrection, etc.,  and then heard Willie give his testimony about what Jesus means to him.

The young lady went on to say that after hearing those messages her husband had decided he wanted in! He had decided to make Jesus Lord of his life. And then she asked “Would it be asking too much to have a Robertson baptize him?’ Alan said he replied “Of course not, that’s what we do!” So he asked the young man to stand up. This big tall handsome young man from Houston, Texas made a public profession of his faith in Jesus and a few moments later we all were delighted to watch Jase Robertson baptize him.

Alan was right, that is what they do! None of the Duck Dynasty guys and gals ever miss an opportunity to share with folks the good news about what Jesus has done for sinners. They have a very funny and entertaining TV show and growing business in West Monroe. But what drives the Robertson’s and their crew is their passion for Christ and their love of the people he died to save.

I have known lots of people in my life, lots of good, devoted to Jesus kind of people. But I have yet to meet anyone who is more focused on getting the gospel out than Phil Robertson and his family. So, behind all the fun of Duck Dynasty is the Kingdom of God and they are helping to grow it.

Royce Ogle
Monroe, LA

60 comments on “Duck Dynasty, The Story Behind the Story

    • How desperately we need more like you folks. To many silent church members who seem to think its a sin to broadcast your faith in Jesus Christ and who are content to set back and allow our lost society to define us as people who hate none believers especially when we define who a sinner is. Keep up the good work!!!!! There are not many roads that lead to heaven. Jesus Christ is the only door through heavens gate. Period!! If that upsets the non-believer, so be-it.

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  2. No one that has ever watched a flock of Mallard coming in to a fog shrouded lake on a cold crisp morning and seen the mountains in the background, can never say that there is no GOD for only GOD could make something so beautiful and wonderful.

  3. I knew there was something about that bunch that I really felt connected to, it’s surely not that I grew up hunting or even had been around it or anything like that, but the connection is God! What a wonderful back story to know about people you see and like on the TV! Thanks Robinson family for your faith in God and showing it to others!

  4. I just had chills reading this. I saw my first DD show on Christmas night–I received a DVD for Christmas–I have been a Christian since I was 7, now 40, I so appreciate this show, what these Godly men stand for and pray that they may touch just one more life for Jesus.

  5. Your precious family assisted in answering my prayers for that “young tall, handsome man,” he is my precious son-in-law. Thank you for what you do to get the message out about our Lord. Now my prayer is that we will all be busy reflecting Him, to those around us in the ways we can.

  6. I enjoy watching Duck Dynasty because so much of the show is true life just the way I grew up. I am a preacher, like Phil, for the Church of Christ and that is how I want people to remember me and my family. We want to be fun loving, honest, and trusting in God for everything.

  7. Duck Dynasty is my kinda peeps! We were watching the other evening when my daughter commented that Uncle Si reminded her of her PawPaw (sans beard). My Daddy went to be with Jesus in October 2008. She and Daddy were always outdoors, at the pond, digging worms, watching birds, catching frogs and loving every moment they were together. Please tell Uncle Si “thank you” for bringing us such a happy moment/memory. Daddy would’ve loved Duck Dynasty and the Robertson family . . . and that’s a fact Jack!

  8. From the mountains of Mendota Va we love to watch DD. I love the fact that they are all about family and the Lord. The Lord first and family they always sit down with each other which you dont see that anymore at a table. And give thanks for the day the food and family. I just want to day thank you Lord for putting a program on that the whole family can watch together and if there is one not saved they will see Christ throught them.

  9. Thank you allso much for your great show and thank you more for spreading the gospel of Christ. My son is a minister here in Florida and I feel such a bond with your family. I knew you were christians the first time I watched you show. Love and prayers to all of you.

  10. As a member of the Church it makes me proud to see this type of show on T.V. I recently found out about it! I am certain that God must be smiling!Keep up the good work!!!

  11. This is such a great story and to know that another person has become a child of God is amazing. It’s nice that you can sit with your family and actually watch a show on t.v. and not worry about the violance and language but Duck Dynasty has definately made it to the DVR at my house. May God truly bless each one of you in your ministry and your lives.


  13. I love this show because its funny and the whole family can watch it. No cussing, violence, sex…..just a good clean show. Jesus is good.

  14. The first time I saw the show, it really had an impact on me. It filled my heart with love and compassion because these people proved that you could have humor and show love along with entertainment with out having to add words that seem acceptable in these times that are not. While watching, I often wish I could join the family during their strikes or water park fun, or just sitting at the table with this christian family.The prayers at the evening meals always bring compassion and willy’s synopsis of the days events, along with the caring of one another, truely shows the love they have for each other and most important for God. Thank you for your convictions to God and helping with the spreading of god’s word.
    Larry C McMahan
    I have not had any frog legs or squirrel since I was a young boy. Sure miss that.

  15. My husband started watching Duck Dynasty a while back. I shyed away from it cause I thought it was “just another hunting show” which I don’t care for at all. But we had friends over one night, and he wanted to show it to them , so he selected one out of the list on the DVR. Well, not to be rude I watched it with them. Now I’m almost as hooked on the show as he is. I just love these people. I wish my daddy were still around to see this show – I know that it would make him happy, happy, happy. Thanks to the whole clan – we love you in Texas!

  16. We love this show and, more importantly, the message and the family it’s based on. What a wonderful testimony to their faith. They walk the walk for sure. Thank you!

  17. How wonderful to have a GODLY, clean, family sow become such a hit with all types of people! Wonderful to see the implementlng of the Great Commission in such a way! Hope the entertainment community sees that this is the kind of show we wish to see. Praise the Lord and God Bless you all!b

  18. It’s a great show, and a wonderful blessing! If only our country will watch it and see Christianity in action. Thank God for the Robertson’s as they use their show to further the kingdom!!!

  19. I’m a 72 yr old grandma that looks forward to this show each week. My husband passed away 4 yrs ago after spending 52 yrs together. Thank you for a show that shares Jesus with our country that is hurting. I sometimes laugh out loud because so many times, we have experienced a lot of what they do. May God bless each of you!

  20. Thank you, Thank you,,,,what a great show…reminds me of Andy & Barney’s show..good clean fun. and Christian folks can be funny too…

  21. It is a wonderful blessing to have someone focusing on Christianity/ We need more people to step up and witness. they have found a means to get the message out to more people. Thank God for giving us people who are willing to do so.

  22. Thank you to the Robertson’s for hearing God’s calling and being a light in this world for Him. Even though we don’t have something as big as a nation wide tv show we are all called for a mission. It may just be talking to our neighbor or teaching by the way we live. But God has something for all to do. No job is too big or too small if it is done in His name.

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  24. February, 2013 Unfortunately, I am hearing a few “fricken”s in the show now. What happened? I used to not have a problem letting my 7 kids watch the show, but if someone who they look up to as a Christian role model is talking like that, it won’t be long and my kids will think that this is okay for them too. I am disappointed and hope that it doesn’t continue.

  25. We are a family of 14, 12 daughters and 2 sons! What a gift from God! 9 about to be 10 of our children were adopted from the foster care system! God has taken us through the loss of our oldest daughter in a car accident to taking care of. more than 100 foster children to growing our forever family! We love your show, the foundation being the Lord and the wonderful lessons you teach! I would love to see you get the word out of adoption as there are so many children available in the U.S. for adoption and what a platform you have to spread the word. My husband and I get the prevledge of seeing Mrs Kay and Phil in Lubbock. Thanks for the difference you make in peoples lives.
    God bless you all! Connie Scarbrough

    • In his talk at Harding University Willie talked about adoption and encouraged the students to consider it. As you probably know, Willie and Korie adopted Will and Rebecca was a foreign exchange student who has become a vital part of their family.


  26. We all should be doing this…Jesus commanded, GO & TELL. We often will be embaressed to even pray over our food in public. If many more of us would take a bold stand and pray in public and speak in public more of Jesus, maybe we too can have an impact on a lost and dying world. When we are silent, we sin in disobedience to His command. Thank you Lord for allowing them to be used in such a wonderful way…through the TV reaching millions.

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