Walking the Lonely Road

There is a lonely road we must walk, none are excepted. We don’t know the day or the hour but we will travel this road.

It is the way of sadness, no birds are singing, we notice no beauty, just a lonely road we must travel along.

It is the way of tears, anguish of heart, and all hope almost escapes us. Some of us are going this way the first time and others know the way quite well, but for every traveler this road goes in a direction none would choose.

Some walk alone, and others believe they are alone, but are not. It is better to walk a lonely road with a friend, even if he seems distant and doesn’t speak a word. Just knowing he is walking that way because you are gives a bit of comfort.

I have learned many of the twists and turns, the hills and valleys, for you see I have been a too frequent traveler this way. Several times I was on the journey for myself, and many times I chose to walk a while with someone else. I couldn’t walk for them, or carry them, or make it more pleasant, but I could be there and so I have.

Tonight Carol and I, and John and Maggy Dobbs, will become acquainted with some lonely travelers, and the best we can, we will encourage them on their way. We’ll say the road gets easier out there somewhere. We’ll tell them we want to go with them as far as possible.  And we will promise that as they start to cross the hill, some hill, around some curve, the sunlight will break through the clouds and inspire the birds to begin a chorus of praise to the Creator.

I wish we could say to them “It’s too painful, there is too much heartache, you don’t have to go”. But we can’t, so we will give a hug, a reassuring smile, and walk a piece down the lonely road with a sad friend. We can tell them for sure that God cares so much more than we care and He will be there too….every step ’til they get to the Light.

Grief Support Group
2nd Tuesday of each month
6:30 p.m. Forsythe Church of Christ
Monroe, Louisiana

Can we walk along with you?


3 comments on “Walking the Lonely Road

  1. This is a very beautiful message. Today I needed to be assured that although I feel very alone and empty, I am not as there are others walking beside me on this journey and somewhere in the distance is sunshine, happiness and peace .
    Peace to you!

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