Mexico Fishing Trip

I write this post believing that some of those who read it are like me, bass fishing enthusiasts. I got the bug for fishing early, likely a gene from my dad, who was one of the best anglers I have ever known. Later this month, I and a friend, will fly to Mazatlan and fish for seven days at famous big bass lake, El Salto. El Salto is one hour from Mazatlan near the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Not a few of my friends have voiced concern about our impending trip because of the nightly news highlighting the horrible violence along the Mexico/U.S. border. I would not go across the border along the north of Mexico for any reason, just too risky. However, to the south there has only been reports of crimes against Gringos in Acapulco. Our guides have been going for many years and never a problem.

This is why I go… These two hombre’s are friends David Strahan and J.W. Peterson. These guys are full time guides on famous Lake Fork in East Texas and they, like us, love going to Mexico and catching very large bass. They both have caught bass over 13lbs in Texas and Mexico!

We will have a great chance to catch the bass of a lifetime. You might ask, “Isn’t it just much safer to stay in the states?” Of course it is. It is also much safer to stay inside my house than to drive 16 miles to Brookshires and back for bread and milk but I go.

If you are one of those nuts like me and have a fish tale to tell, I’d love to hear it! Hey, call me and let’s go fishin’.

Hopefully, in a few weeks I’ll be able to post some
bragging pictures here. Until then, I am your humble blogger signing off for now.





2 comments on “Mexico Fishing Trip

  1. Enjoyed the post and wish you well on your fishing adventure. Let us know when you are going to go again…might just have to tag along and catch me some biguns! Then you can post my picture ! I, like you was bitten early by the fishing bug and always have my bags half packed..ready to go! Have a wondrous time, my friend!

  2. Sounds like a fishing trip of a life time. I grew up in South Florida. I have been fishing in the everglades, The Big O, and the stickmarsh (little north) since I was a kid. The ocean fishing out of Ft. Lauderdale is like heaven on earth and the scuba diving out of West Palm is one of the best. Your post brought me back to some great times I had on the water. Being in the mision fields has kept me away from the water, except for a little fishing on shore in the Bayou. I always injoy your posts and your a great earthly role model for me. You better have pictures because I haven’t met a fisherman that knows the correct weight!!!!!

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