Valentine Gift Ideas for your Spouse

Do you want to give your significant other the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day?

Roses are pretty but have a short life at best. Candy is sweet but stays around and mostly in the wrong places, if you know what I mean.

A evening out for fine dinning in a romantic place is very sweet but fades to a memory far to soon.

Have you thought of giving these?

  • Be patient. It isn’t a good idea to make snap decisions. Listen more.
  • A little kindness goes a long way. Want some kindness? Give some.
  • Wait for others to compliment you, don’t do it for yourself.
  • Respect is rewarded in manifold ways. Give some.
  • Put your husband or wife first, and you will be first.
  • Quickly admit when you are wrong. It is an uncomplicated way to love.
  • Find joy in his, or her, accomplishments. It is OK to brag on your spouse.
  • Quickly forgive without waiting to be asked, and then live as if it never happened.
  • Be true, be truthful, expect truth, love truth, and seek it in all of your life.

You can’t love God and at the same time not love the one he gave you for life. Love always gives, always hopes the best, always trusts, always honors, always looks out for the best interests of others.

Love never fails. Give the gift that keeps on giving. Now go be a lover.



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