Tulsa Workshop 2010

2009 was my first Workshop but I decided then it would not be my last. I met so many wonderful people, including fellow bloggers, and made friendships that are priceless.

Come experience the fellowship, worship, and preaching/teaching, and meet other church of Christ folks from across the fruited plain. Lord willing I’ll be there.

(Should I have a Grace Digest booth where I can sell autographed copies of my latest book? I could feature “Doughnuts with Dobbs” and have a John Dobbs meet and greet. (I think it would only be fitting to call the doughnuts “Dobbers”)  And, I could offer to laminate “Change Agent” cards for free!)

I hope you can come. I’d love to meet you.



8 comments on “Tulsa Workshop 2010

  1. Royce
    I just sent in a request for booth space at the Tulsa workshop. If you want you can use part of our table.
    Mike Baumgartner

    Thanks Mike. It is good to hear from you. I’ll keep that in mind. What started a a sort of joke just might happen. Or at least some of it. lol


  2. Royce – We’re looking at having a bloggers lounge again, so you can use that space. 🙂

    Excellent! Now I need to write a book, get it published, all before March! Its doable…


  3. Royce,
    Thanks for this post and the information.
    Sounds like it is going to be a great experience.
    I just hope it is during our Spring Break so I might have a chance to go this year. 🙂

  4. I got to meet you last spring, and hope to be there again to visit more and see everybody!

    I agree Brian. It was really great to meet so many friends I had made online. Hopefully there will be more of us there this time.


  5. Well, from reading what everyone thinkgs, I am looking forward to having Donuts with Dobbs during Trey Morgan’s lesson as I sit in the Theobloggers Lounge waiting for the Disaster Relief to send over a food box of coffee while I read Royce’s bestseller.

    But that is jsut my opinion!

    Yep, everything is falling into place except for the bestseller!

    See you there God willing.


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