The Lord’s Supper, Brokeness for Brokeness

People around the world today participated in The Lord’s Supper. A bit of bread of some sort was eaten and a small portion of wine or grape juice was drunk as together followers of Jesus Christ remembered Him.

This morning I shared the bread and cup with perhaps 750 or more saints. I was reminded as the others were served that one commonality we share locally and around the world is brokenness. Then at the invitation the announcement of a girl who had been baptized, a man joining our fellowship who works with our prison ministry, a couple placing membership who are transparent about their marriage difficulties and solicit our prayers, a well-loved lady with concerns about a health issue was prayed for, and finally a ministry leader tearfully confessed his failure to be what he knows God wants him to be.

Each of us comes to the Lord’s table bringing our brokenness. Unique we are yet each of us brings broken lives. We share a history of sinful passions, hard to restrain egos, and psyches embedded with the popular culture that is against God. We everyone either are or have been broken, badly off kilter compared to God’s ideal.

Thus we come and hear the Lord’s voice saying “This is my body” and “This is the New Covenant in my blood” and we know his broken body and shed blood was for us. Because He was broken we are invited to come as we are with our brokenness surely to be helped and healed. Because of “His stripes” our broken lives are made new.

In view of what God has accomplished for us in the perfect living and dying and living again of Jesus we bow to His majesty and choose to be broken again. Now we gladly choose brokenness so that Christ might be all in all in us and for us and through us for others.

God’s mighty power is best displayed in the life of the meek, the poor in spirit, the broken. It seems that God does His best work when He has nothing to work with. Read your Bible. Don’t you know that men who accomplished great things for God were all alike marked with brokenness?

Brokenness for brokenness? Yes, I bring mine and His makes mine OK.

6 comments on “The Lord’s Supper, Brokeness for Brokeness

  1. Truthfully for most of us we have to be broken before we are useful in His kingdom. It is only after we realize we can’t do it on our own that we realize the real source of power. God bless.

  2. Good summary Mr Ogle. I appreciate your comments. I was deeply touched by the brokenness of our Ministry leader. I overheard a brother tell him that he loved him even more because now he seemed human as we all are. We are all broken and surely need him to make us whole.

  3. Beautiful post and right on the money. What better way to experience Christ’s legacy than to share it with our own lives? It’s like the verse says, “By His wounds we are healed.” I would add: And others find healing, as well. Thanks for your words, but more importantly, for your heart, brother.

  4. Wonderful post brother. I know in my brokeness and imperfection taking of his brokeness makes me stronger everytime I take it. When I miss out on taking it something in my soul misses out. Something supernatural lacks deep within. I agree with Alan’s statement and reminder from the Prophets that “By his wounds we are healed.” Thanks again for this post and the great video by Micheal Card.

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