Living, or Leaving on Tulsa Time – Day 4

Another great day is in the books as they say. Atchley, Walling, Mead, Fudge, and Joe Alanzo all did great jobs and were each an encouragement and a blessing.

I had great visits with several friends, some new and some old. It was a nice surprise to run into Mark Hodges from Long Beach, MS whom I met shortly after Katrina. Mark is a great guy and you should visit the Long Beach church when you are on the Gulf coast of MS. They are great people!

Tonight one our WFR elders, Mac Owen and his bride Mary, gave their testimony at the Park Plaza church here in Tulsa. It is amazing how many doors have opened for this sold out couple who are on a mission to get everyone on the planet into recovery and walking with God.

The workshop exhibit area has been a buzz of excitement since we arrived. It is obvious that in addition to being a church thing, it is also like a family reunion. Folks are happily meeting and greeting people they only see once a year here in Tulsa. New friendships are forged and old ones strengthened.

There has been a consistent theme throughout; Love people in tangible ways and go to where they are. Finally, it seems that many, if not most, are convinced that the attractional model of doing church will not work. We must love people where they are, like they are, without asking anything in return. God will do the heavy lifting, our job is to love unselfishly, share the good news with gentleness and respect, and watch God do what only He can do, raise the spiritually dead to life.

I know there are still some exceptions, but I can safely report that the Holy Spirit is out of the box in the churches of Christ. He was once relegated to the pages of a King James Bible, but today He is a welcomed guest in the lives of the people and the gathering when they come to worship and hear from the God of heaven. Things are looking up!

God willing tomorrow we will stop living on Tulsa time and be leaving on Tulsa time. If the global warming doesn’t get too deep we will start back to the  land of crooked politicians and the people who deserve them, Louisiana. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed in my own house. There is a garden to plow and plant, grass to mow, bass to catch, a honey do list to complete and hopefully some houses to sell.

This is likely my last post until I return home, hopefully late Saturday.



One comment on “Living, or Leaving on Tulsa Time – Day 4

  1. I was at the workshop for about an hour and a half on Thursday, but did not get the chance to meet you. However, I plan to be there this afternoon and evening. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to see you before you leave. I enjoy reading your blog.


    I don’t know what my schedule is at the moment but I do know that the best place to find me will be at the World Radio booth in the center of the hall.
    Right now I don’t know when we are planning to leave. I too hope we can meet.


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