Living on Tulsa Time – Day 3

Classes by John Dobbs (King of all bloggers), Rick Atchely, Edward Fudge, and lots and lots of fellowship highlighted by dinner at Red Lobster with Edward Fudge all made for a very good day.

I have met wonderful people who are friendly and eager to talk and listen. I had some almost embarrassing comments about my blogging, and enjoyed great conversation with friends and strangers alike.

I look forward to hearing Patrick Mead speak tomorrow along with other. My friend Jackie Chesnutt and I had a nice chat on Facebook and now I am ready for bed.


One comment on “Living on Tulsa Time – Day 3

  1. My prayers are with you during the workshop. I know you’re having a great time!

    Thanks Jackie, I am having a great time. I said hi to Rush for you and to Brad and he pretended he didn’t know about the money he owes you. LOL I wish you could have been here it has been wonderful.


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