Living on Tulsa Time – Day 2

Today was a good day ended by a great meal, worship, and a fine message from Rick Atchely, preacher at North Richland Hills church in NRH, Texas.

This morning I visited the booths, most of which were not yet occupied. Tomorrow there will be books, bloggers, bracelets and Bibles, singers and schools, ministries and merchants, healthy chocolate, and even a Pentecostal guy who sells real estate, all pushing their wares.

At lunch I joined a caravan of cars supposedly en route to great Mexican cuisine. When we finally arrived I could hardly believe my eyes when the sign said “Pancho’s”. Not to be a party pooper I scarfed down a plate food and several sopaipillas. I had honey all over both hands and the table. Nice!

This afternoon Ken Bolden and I ate a great meal at Memorial Drive church where I had a nice greeting from Edward Fudge. It was very good to finally meet this good man and great Bible teacher. We experienced a great time of praise and worship (longer than planned because of plane delays for Rick Atchley) and a great message from Bro’ Atchely about the “Idol of control”. He is a great communicator and I enjoyed and was challenged by his message.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to some other great speakers and more great fellowship. I am especially looking forward to John Dobbs and Trey Morgan’s presentation about blogging.

More tomorrow,

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