Liberalism Unleashed…

How much better will your family be in the coming months with an additional income of $4 to $9 each week. I’m sure that for some Americans 9 bucks is very meaningful but to most Americans it will not significantly improve the quality of their lives. $4 to $9 per week is approximately what you can expect for your family’s share of the $750,000,000,000 (Billion. One billion is 100 million!) Stimulus Bill President Obama signed into law moments ago.

The American way of life throughout our history has been that each passing generation has left a more hopeful future, a future with more opportunity, for the coming generations. Today, we took the first of what is promised to be only the first step of assuring that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will pay dearly for our failures at the expense of their futures.

When any government spends money it doesn’t have on hand there are limited sources of obtaining funds. The first and most loved by liberals is tax hikes. That is not the answer today, not now. It will be the case, but not now, the timing is not right. The next option is to borrow the money and pay it back with interest. We have chosen the second option for the short term and some time down the road huge tax increases are as sure as death.

A small fraction of this bill will possibly create jobs. The overwhelming bulk of this unprecedented spending bill is an array of entitlement programs that have long been on the wish list of every Democrat. In fact this bill includes some only recently dreamed up that are astonishing. Today the tentacles of government have grown expediently and will start to tighten their grip on the American people squeezing out individualism, entrepreneurship, and self reliance in favor of dependency, socialism, and an entitlement society.

If this plan turns out to be good (as I’m sure all of its supporters and crafters sincerely hope) President Obama and Democrats in general are destined to be praised and reelected. But if it fails to achieve its lofty goals President Obama will be a one term President.

What should frighten every American is that by his own promise, President Obama has made it clear this bill is only the first of more to come. How much will prove to be too much? Only time will tell. My own sense is that we are sliding toward becoming a country akin to the European Socialist schemes that have been tried and have failed.

We have long been morally bankrupt, now we are moving at warp speed toward being owned by those who hold our national debt. “The debtor is slave to the lender” will sadly be more true than ever. I sincerely hope this boondoggle works, but I am not hopeful that it will.

For most of our 232 years as a nation the two party system has served us well. But when Republicans started to govern like liberal Democrats our nation took a nose dive and the control tower has not seemed to notice. Perhaps when whats left is smoke and ashes we will be shocked into reality. For that flight, reading the data from the black box is too late.


4 comments on “Liberalism Unleashed…

  1. Royce, I can turn on my TV and hear the same thing you are saying from the republican talking heads on how this bill will send America down the drain. Except most of then leave out the part about republican binge spending (two wars) and deregulation of entities with only one thing in mind making money, no mater who else pays the bill. You deserve credit for acknowledging that republicans had a hand in the till too deep and to long. the republicans in Washington not only need to admit their failure (as you have done) but they need to come up with their alternative solution, and I don’t mean just more tax cuts for “rich people” as we see that didn’t work so well, if deregulating banks and energy companies, and cutting taxes for the wealthy was the solution, we should all be (drinking that free bubble up, and eating that rainbow stew) as Merle Haggard sung about. but as we see that was not the solution to all our problems, that is the problem. and if republicans have a better fix they should put it out to the public. Like I said Royce you deserve credit for not denying the republican part in this mess.

  2. Laymond,

    I think a better plan than anything that has been offered is the following:

    1. Triple the salaries of every congressman and senator, with the stipulation that they cannot enter the city limits of D.C. for 12 months, cannot talk to each other even in conference calls, and will suspend all legislative activity.
    2. Eliminate capitol gains taxes for one year and give every head of household a two thousand dollar tax deduction for 2008.

    If the nut cases in D.C. are not spending money like drunks on payday the government can save enormous amounts of money, business will rally back, and hard working families will get a real break for a change.

    This would be far less expensive than what is now law. By the way, after over 200 years of passing laws don’t we have about enough?

    Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Socialist (Rep. Franks) who are for bigger more intrusive government and more government spending are wrong and don’t deserve our votes.


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