Infantrymen for Jesus

Carol and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at the home of friends from church along with several others, (there were 19 at the table), and the food and fellowship could not have been better. This morning I had coffee and read the local news paper in my comfortable home in front of the fire place. While I am enjoying the best life has to offer in my opinion a guy named Mike Bumgartner is preparing meals, unloading trucks of appliances and food, and sharing the love with volunteers and residents of the gulf coast community of Port Bolivar, Texas.

Mike is a Florida resident whose heart was touched by the Lord after the storms ploughed through the gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana. With little other than the love of Christ in his heart and a desire to help the hurting Mike hooked his 5th wheel trailer to his pick up truck and drove to Texas where at once he started cooking meals for displaced residents and those who had volunteered to help them. We met this great servant face to face at the Broadway church of Christ in Galveston several weeks ago. The day we wre there, Mike and a few helpers fed about 800 people a hot meal in the name of the Lord.


Mike and his ministry, “Disaster Assistance”, has prepared thousands of hot meals in the last few months at several locations along the Texas coast. You can see his work fist hand at the ministry blog . Mike Bumgartner is a great man who is worthy of your support and prayers. His ministry partners Don and Rosemary Hudson have also been great supporters, serving meals, washing pots and pans, and sharing the good news about Jesus to those they feed. You can also read Don Hudson’s blog for more information about his ministry and Mike’s as well.

I am thankful for these “Infantrymen for Jesus” who are putting the story of Jesus in shoe leather, serving God’s love up a plate, a smile, a hug, and a Bible study at a time. God’s best to these great servants!


Twins with one heart!

Jane Smith and Judy Peter are twin sisters from El Campo, Texas. They are very active members of the El Campo church of Christ where my friend John McCord is the preacher. We first got to know this “dynamic duo” as a result of our joint work in the South Alabama town of Bayou La Batre. These ladies are like servants on speed! (I mean this in the best possible way) They are high on Jesus and want to serve people in His name and make Him known to everyone possible.

The winds of Hurricane Ike had hardly died before Jane and Judy snapped into gear gathering ice, coolers, water and food for those who had been devastated by the storm. They loaded a pick up truck and were off on a trip that would be repeated time after time in the next months. It is amazing what these two gals have done! Just ask Mike Bumgartner with Disaster Assistance and you’ll get an ear full of wonderful comments about them.

When Carol and I recently visited several churches and hard hit communities, these delightful twins insisted on treating us to a beach front lunch of scrumptious hamburgers and the very best onion rings. After a great visit we followed them to the relief site where Mike Bumgartner was cooking up a storm and preparing to serve 800 or so meals. I was recruited to help unload the twins truck. They had huge cans of vegetables, drinks, cleaning supplies, and other things hurricane victims need. What for us was a big deal for them has become routine. They seem to think nothing about getting in the aged pick up and driving a few hours to deliver the goods, most of which I suspect they paid for out of their own funds.

If I could lawfully clone anyone, I might just start with these dear sisters who know no fear, see no obsticles, and can get more done than a small army. My hat’s off to the “Turbo Twins” from El Campo. What a joy to know them and their families and to have them as friends. You go girls!!

His peace,


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