Is Truth absolute? And, can I present it effectively?

Every person who is serious about their personal faith in God, and sharing that faith with others will be blessed by seeing this video. It addresses many questions facing the church today in clear, logical, objective language that will help us have our feet on solid ground as we present truth to others.

I hope you are blessed as I have been by this excellent presentation. Follow this link: GodTube


His Peace,

2 comments on “Is Truth absolute? And, can I present it effectively?

  1. Royce, this makes our world in the church look small doesn’t it. As long as we stay in our talking points we are fine. When we have to deal with the “real world” I wonder how prepared we are to given an answer to those who ask. Thanks for the post. dell kimberly

  2. Royce, thanks for the link. What a great challenge for all of us. It’s certainly time we understand the world and the people that exist outside our pre-conceived mindset; far too long we have thought that everyone else thought just like we thought. I have to believe God’s people are up to the challenge. Thanks, again!

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