President Elect Obama

President Elect Obama

As I watched the news unfold last night I couldn’t help but be happy for the people with tears streaming down as they listened while President Elect Obamaspoke to the 100,000 or so folks in Grant Square. I was touched seeing Rev. Jessie Jackson and Opra among the masses, evidently deeply touched that a black man, one of them, was finally elevated to the highest office in the United States. It is easy to brush aside what it must be like to hope that the day will come when people are not treated as less than others because they have dark skin. The raw facts of slavery and the historic struggles of the African American people are seemingly built into the DNA of every person with African heritage. So, my sincere congratulations to President Elect Obama, his family and friends, campaign workers, and all those who voted for him.
It is likely that we know less about Barack Obama than any other person ever elected President of the United States. Soon we will get to know him as we observe how he governs. I’m sure he would agree that it’s one thing to make a speech but quite another to actually put those hopes, dreams, and aspirations into policy and see them through. He will be my President and I wish him the very best. I told someone at an early small group meeting today that I hope he turns out to be the best president in my lifetime. How wonderful would that be? What a statement to the possibilities of being an American citizen?
I did not vote for Mr. Obama based on his lack of experience, poor judgement, and liberal political theory. I hope he now governs differently than what he campaigned on in several areas. I believe he will. I’m sure he does not want to be a one term president, or to preside over the Democrats loosing many of the seats in Congress they have gained in the last two election cycles. I wish him great success.
This historic election is not a rejection of conservative principals and governance but rather this is what filled the void left by it’s absence. I listened to pundit after pundit spout off the death rites of conservatism last evening as I surfed the news channels. Their belief is that the country has now swung left of center because of gains by Democrats and the election of Obama. Nothing is farther from the truth. The ballot initiatives across the states upholding traditional marriage, against homosexual marriage, and for life had wide support. And, there is no sane American who would not like to keep more of his wages and be able to conduct business with less government interference.
Conservatives made the near fatal mistake of believing the lie that the road to success was to straddle the political fence and try to please everyone on both sides. Minus 25 seats in the U.S. Congress last election and 15 more lost this time, and loosing the White House was the reward. Being right wing conservative is not the problem it is rather the lack of it that is the problem. Gov. Sarah Palin was the only conservative in the race and she being a late comer couldn’t carry the water for a weak McCain.
Unless conservatives put forth candidates who are unashamedly pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, for lower/fairer taxes, strong national defense, tough on crime, lovers of and loyal to the Constitution, for smaller more accountable government, and sensible spending, we will continue to slowly slide away into history and become only what once was.
Liberalism unchecked is dangerous and based wholly upon it’s logical end, cannot be sustained over time. In a system of government that rewards the least productive citizens at the expense of the most productive always leaves the masses of working people poor and oppressed. As Ronald Regan said “Government is not the solution to all of our problems, government is the problem”. He was right when he said it and he is still right.
Finally, I might be the only person in America who still likes Geroge Bush. None, I repeat NONE, of his critics are willing to factor in the tragic events of 9-11 and how that terrible episode changed the course of history. Hypocrites who voted for the war in Iraq are the loudest critics of Bush. I’ll be the first to admit he did some things very wrong. He was wrong on immigration and became a big spender just as if he was a Yellow Dog Democrat. I do believe history will be more kind to him than CNN and MSNBC has been. He is a good man who always tried to do what he thought was right for the country and the world.
Now before us is an unprecidented opportunity to unite behind our leader and work together for the common good. I am all for bipartisanship so long as we are all working toward good policy and practice. I will pray for President Obama, support him all I can, hold him accountable as much as possible, and try to correct him when he is wrong.
Can America still lead the free world? Can we get out of our economic slump? Can we still be the place where the nations of the earth look to for hope and opportunity? YES WE CAN!
God bless Barrack Obama and God bless America
Royce Ogle

8 comments on “YES WE CAN!

  1. Leeh,

    You are the very first of the tens of thousands who will ask me to run. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

    Gotta run, I just learned I won a lottery in the UK that I didn’t even enter! It is my day!!


  2. “This historic election is not a rejection of conservative principals and governance but rather this is what filled the void left by it’s absence.”

    You’re right on target with this statement. I also think history will be much kinder to Bush than the current media/public is. Good post–my first read here.

  3. Excellent thoughts, Royce.

    I especially resonate with your comments pertaining to the void left by the abandonment of conservative principles by the Republican Party.

    While my loyalties do not lie, primarily, with a particular political party, I do seek to align with those candidates who adhere to conservative principles, especially with respect to pro-life advocacy.


  4. Royce,
    I love you..You are the voice of reason as always..

    I can not yet feel anything but sadness at the election of this radical Socialist..Knowing that so many Americans are ignorant or just do not care is something I thought I would never come to see..I understand where the pride of black Americans is coming from but that still does not make it right..To know that a significant portion of our population voted based on skin color sickens me!! The racism or racial aspect, which ever you choose to call it, of that notion is alive and well in America today..

    Now the liberal media is coming out and confessing that they know nothing of who this man is or what he intends to do..After they helped to elect him for there own selfish reasons..What a joke this electoral season has been and what a joke Presidential politics has become..

    I can not think of anything good about our President elect.. He is mostly a blank slate with nothing but radical associations in his past..

    To take a line from the soon to be first lady with my twist..For the first time ever I’m NOT proud of my country!!

  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I am disappointed in the outcome of this election. Now, Mr. Obama is my president and as such he will always be in my prayers. May God bless him with wisdom and guidance.

  6. I hope none of my readers make the mistake of thinking this post is an endorsement of Obama. In my view he is the polar opposite of what I believe our country needs in these crucial times.

    But, he will be President, and will be my President. As a follower of Jesus it is now my duty to treat him publically and privately in ways that reflects the Christlife.


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