The Wordsmith

Now for something lighter, and just so you’ll know that yours truly can turn a rhyme…. A poem I wrote in Dec of 2000. I awoke in the middle of the night, ran up to my office and as fast as I could type wrote “The Wordsmith”.

I am an artist but have no brush in hand. I am not a singer,
and I don’t have a band.

I don’t hammer on an anvil or shape a piece of steel,
or mold a lump of clay as it turns on a potter’s wheel.

I am a wordsmith and my art is words,
ideas covered in phrases and thoughts with noun and verb.

Common sense and wisdom are hidden in my heart,
until they are colored with the tapestry of my art.

I have never made a penny, yea, less than a widow’s mite,
but words placed on purpose give me great delight!

The way I arrange the letters allows all to see,
inside the artist’s mind and heart. What you really see is me.

It just makes me happy to write a line or two,
to unwrap my latest masterpiece for all the world to view.

I am a wordsmith and if all my art is read, I’ll be happy with my one color work if you listen to what I’ve said.

You don’t have to like my art, and you don’t have to agree,
but just knowing you have looked is good enough for me.

I would like to write for a living but it’s hard to get a start,
so how about a quarter? Can you find it in your heart?

Royce Ogle
Dec 31, 2000

To Blog or not to Blog

?…..that is the question!

I have been blogging since June 29th of 2006, slightly over four years. I began blogging as an outlet for a frustrated wannabe writer, to publish some of my Bible study conclusions, and finally I thought I might be able to help someone more fully trust Christ or consider Him for the first time.

There has been times in these months and years when I have experienced great joy. The feedback in blog comments and emails from people all across the country have been reasons to keep blogging. To think that I might be able to instruct or encourage someone, anyone, so that they experience God more fully is awesome.

On the other hand there is the negativity. A few people are so intolerant of any view that challenges them to think outside of their well defined presuppositions that they lash out with fury at anyone who thinks differently. And, some folks are just mean. Oh, they are mean in the name of Jesus, but they are mean nonetheless.

I have never dodged or ducked a good healthy debate if it is civil. I have published comments from people that were pretty ugly but I have deleted many comments that were hellishly so. And, of course these people with such nasty attitudes and harsh words claim to be Christians. I don’t cherish any more of those attacks when my offence is teaching the truth about what Christ has accomplished for sinful men.

Then there is the temptation to only write posts that will get high traffic counts. While I admit readily that I like readers, I don’t want to write subject matter just for increasing numbers. I have said previously that my first priority in blogging is selfish, it fulfills my desire to write, an exercise I enjoy immensely. I know the subjects that increase traffic but they are old and worn and serve no good purpose for the most part.

I don’t think Christian blogging needs another blog with daily devotionals and there are already blogs that are funny, give great glimpses into the lives of great families, and plenty that would seem to have the stated goal of stirring controversy. None of that appeals to me. I doubt the masses care what I had for breakfast or what the neighbor’s dog did yesterday.

So, I am faced with a few options. I can just stop blogging. Or, I can just blog much less than I once did (the option I have chosen most recently). Or I can completely change the way I blog and that choice presents another set of possibilities. If I choose the last option I can post cute little chatty type posts, top 10 lists, light commentary on news worthy events, etc, etc. Or, I can blog on themes, doing series on subjects that interest me. And of course another option is to keep blogging as I have and turn off comments.

The subject that fires me up is the good news about Jesus and that so many people, even people who claim him as Lord just don’t really know what the good news is. That subject is my passion but it is largely ignored by readers. Recently on GraceConversation I have posted lengthy (perhaps too lengthy, sorry guys) comments detailing my view of the gospel story and with few exceptions elicit only silence. My comments on other blogs and my posts are scriptural and I have few disagreements in print except for that minority who are to theology what pigs are to astronomy. So, why do it?

The bottom line is that I don’t enjoy blogging as I once did. I am trying to learn why that is and if I should only change or stop.

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.