The Divine Rescue – A Review

“The gripping drama of a lost world and of
the Creator who will not let it go.”

“The Divine Rescue” is nothing less than the subtitle above promises. It is classic Fudge! This latest book by Edward Fudge is excellent in every way I can measure a book.

Indeed it is a “gripping drama”. I found myself purposefully hurrying through the last paragraphs of pages eager to get to the next. It is the story of all stories told by a master word smith.

Fudge begins the story before the beginning and ends it after the end. He masterfully covers all the bases, hitting all the high points of biblical revelation about God’s pursuit of sinful men, leaving no part of the drama untold.

Few people of faith have been able to have an audience as wide and diverse as Edward Fudge. Christians of many stripes have embraced his teaching and he is a favorite author/teacher/preacher to many denominations of believers including his own churches of Christ. Edward Fudge is not a dogmatist, he just presents the truths he finds in scripture without prejudice.

“The Divine Rescue” doesn’t avoid the controversial themes of the Bible, like election and predestination, but rather presents them and more so that they fold together like the fingers of hands clasped together for prayer.

There is only one Redeemer, one Rescuer, and one rescue, but God allows us to see it from many different perspectives. Sadly, many Christians who favor only one view, from one vantage point, often insist that only the view they see is the correct one.

God’s scheme of redemption (rescue) is not a snapshot, it is rather a panorama. Every part is important, and to refuse to see even one perspective of the whole is an unfortunate loss and partial lack of appreciation for the whole story.

Edward Fudge, as a master artist, begins this word-painting, and chapter after chapter, adds color and depth, clarity and meaning come into view, perfect highlights and the brush strokes of phrases bring to the eye the beauty of the love and grace of the Creator demonstrated in Jesus Christ.

“The Divine Rescue” is God’s story and it is my story. In it you will find yourself, at your worst, and as God’s best completed work, a rescued sinner who in the end is just like Jesus the Rescuer.

From those who are new to the community of faith to the most celebrated Bible scholar, I recommend this latest book from my friend and mentor Edward Fudge. It would be a wonderful gift for a friend who is not yet a Christian as well.

The book is available at, Texas Costco stores, Family Christian book stores, Lifeway Christian stores, Mardel’s, Books-A-Million, and from the author at I hope it is read around the world.

Royce Ogle