Saved, Safe, and Secure in Jesus

This morning’s email had this encouraging message from my friend Edward Fudge in his gracEmail. This is the 2nd in a series called “Pep Talk”. Here are his words unedited.

Jesus is high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek, based on the character of his life. Because he lives forever, he saves forever. And so we are saved by Jesus and we are perfected forever–those whom he sanctified. We’re sanctified and we’re perfected forever because we are given to God on the basis of the perfect obedience of Jesus. If it depended on our human record, if it was up to our faithfulness to determine whether we were saved or not, then it would be a matter of God having to re-examine the record every day, or several times through the day, and saying “Well, you’re okay right now . . . Oops! sorry, you just slipped. Well, now you’re back in . . . Oops, you’re out again. Today was a good day . . . tomorrow could be better . . . but it could be worse.” There’s no certainty, there’s no assurance. There’s not much hope.

The sad thing is that a lot of people who think they’re Christians, who think they’re following Jesus Christ, who think they’ve learned the Gospel, live that kind of life of uncertainty. And at age 85, after a very long Christian life full of sacrifice, service, and good works, they come to their death bed and say, “Well, I hope I have done enough that I might squeeze in and be saved.” Folks, we don’t squeeze in. Jude says God will give you an abundant entrance–because it doesn’t depend on out little lives. If it depended on our ability and our record and our history we wouldn’t even squeeze in. God would just say: “There’s not even a close call. SCRAM! The other place with you!”

We will have an abundant entrance because we come on the basis of the life and the faithfulness and the obedience of Jesus Christ–all of which Jesus offered to the Father as the one sacrifice that can ever take away sins. Jesus did it right and he did it perfectly. Because he did it perfectly, he only needed to do it one time. And when he ha done it one time, God raised Jesus from the dead and made him priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. God is pleased with his life. He’s pleased with his priesthood. He’s pleased with his intercession. Because Jesus represents his people and because his obedience and his suffering were done by him in their name, God is also pleased with Jesus’ people. And Jesus lives forever and he saves forever and he intercedes forever and we can come to him–and to God through him–forever.

Any view of salvation that is less than what Edward says here I believe to be less than the gospel presented in Scripture. He expresses my view of Christ’s accomplishments precisely but he says it much better than I can.

You can sign up for gracEmail and access volumes of Edward Fudge’s teaching by visiting his site, .  Happy Father’s Day!


God is at work, for your good.

One of the best known verses in the Bible is Romans 8:28.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (NIV)

Do we really believe it? Really? All things is mighty broad. Should we really believe that “in ALL THINGS” God is working for our good? Other translations say it slightly different.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (ESV)

In both cases, it doesn’t really matter what translation, the promise is absolutely life changing and incredible….if it’s true. My divorce many years ago was one of those “all things”, how about it? The untimely death of my 2nd wife of 17 years was one of those “all things”, was it? I saw one of my dear friends quickly go from robust mom and grandmother, devoted wife and great Christian sister, to the object of a funeral a few weeks later. And now a second friend, a proud ex Marine, man of faith, just an all around good guy, is in a fight with cancer that he will not win. Or, does he win?

Here is an exercise you can do. Take a sheet of paper and one side list all of the bad things that have happened to you in your life since you became a Christian. I know you have some to list, we all do.

Now turn the paper over and list all of the good things that have happened in your life. That should be quite a list too. You’ll get the idea before you finish the list of good things. You will be shocked at how many of the “good things” can be traced back to the “bad things”. God is at work in your life making things work out for your ultimate good! I’m certain He is!

Think of several Bible characters that quickly come to mind. Joseph is at the top of my list. Then there is David…, see where I’m going here? And even Jesus can be on this list. Being betrayed by a friend and deserted by the others and then executed for the crimes of others was one of those “all things”. But God!! But God raised Him from the dead!

I believe that if you and I can become convinced that our Sovereign God is really in control, even when bad things happen, we can find faith for the moment and maybe even some joy knowing that God has our good in mind and is doing something about it.

God is for you, don’t give up. God is for you, don’t give out. My advice is faith it ’til you make it!


A few words from Jesus to you.

“You are down a little this morning. I don’t like it when you are unhappy, you don’t have to be, let me remind you of a few things.

I love you and have since before the world was. I know you, your best and your worst, and I still love you intensely. You have never disappointed me because I have never been surprised by those times when you have done stupid things, destructive things, unloving things, even things that make me look bad. My love for you never wavers, it is always sure, steadfast, and certain. You can count on my love.

You are weak but I am strong and if you will, you can live today and every day in my strength. Remember, I created you and the world you live in and I still am in complete control. I know, from your vantage point it seems things are spinning out of control sometimes but never doubt me on this, I’ve got it covered. Just trust me.

I have all authority in heaven and on earth and I have overcome the world and all of its evil, even Satan is defeated, and I did it for you. I came to earth and lived a perfect life, and died as one who had broken every law, and I did it for you to give my Father glory. My Father has credited my perfect life to your account and all of your sins and short comings to my account. When I died, I died for you, in your place, so your sins are paid in full! Don’t fret, you are safe. You need not fear anything, even when its time for your physical body to die you will only enter into my life more fully.

There will never be one moment of any day when I am not with you and in you. I will never allow any circumstance that I don’t approve and I always and forever have your best interests in mind. It is not for you to understand, it is for you to rest in the knowledge that I am always for you. Take me at my word, I have overcome the world…for you.

It is my intention to provide for you everything you need to the tiniest detail. But I do want you to ask me for what you need and even for what you want. Understand that what you want is not always best for you so I’ll say no sometimes and other times I’ll be silent, but I’ll always do what is best for you and what gives glory to my Father.

You are safe. Your life is untouchable in my Father’s mighty hand. Your future is secure, your hope will soon be reality. You have the supernatural capacity to love like I love and to forgive like I forgive. So today, take a deep breath, drink deeply from the wells of joy my love and presence provide, and go love someone today. Remember as you go, you represent me so don’t depend on yourself, just completely depend on me, I’ve got everything covered.

Now, let’s have a great day together.”


Will you walk with God?

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.

These two verses from Proverbs are some of the most widely known Proverbs and a favorite of many. Tonight during our “Peak of the Week” Wednesday night worship at White’s Ferry Road Church, our preacher Mike Kellott quoted this passage and made some comments. Immediately when I saw these verses on the screen many thoughts blazed through my mind, I knew I would write a post on those verses.

These two simple verses sum up what it means to walk with God. No seminary degree is required, you don’t need commentary, you only need to carefully read it and allow the Holy Spirit to pour into your heart and mind God’s way for those who would walk with God. Consider these truths.

Walking with God does not depend on human effort.

Right away the message is clearly stated, “Stop trying and start trusting”. When you and I live our lives before God in the energy of our human flesh alone we can only expect what human flesh can achieve. “Trust in the Lord”, do not trust yourself. If you do, you become god taking the place that only Jesus Christ should occupy, Lord of your life. You can expect God sized results when you “Trust in the Lord”!

Walking with God does not depend on what you know.

If you want to get into trouble quickly and stay there just rely upon your own resources. There are those who lean heavily upon their education. They foolishly believe that they have learned enough so that they can chart a course for life and just follow that well planned journey and things will be great. The text screams “NO”, “Don’t depend on what you know!”, “Depend on WHO you know”.

Walking with God requires a surrendered heart.

If you would walk with God the starting point is to raise the white flag of surrender. That’s right, give up. Admit you can’t do it. You have no power concerning what tomorrow may bring, you are helpless, so the sooner you admit it the better off you will be. In Romans 12 Paul paints the picture of a person laying himself on an altar as a sacrifice to the Lord so that God’s will may fully be known and experienced. “Present you body a living sacrifice..”, there is no other way.

Consider these things as you begin your journey of faith today.

Appropriate and appreciate God’s promises!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart!” That leaves no room to trust yourself. You have been promised “I am with you” and “I will never leave you” and God has said to you “Trust me alone and I’ll take care of the journey ahead”.

Acknowledge and anticipate God’s power!

“He will make straight your paths!” Relax, you don’t have to try to make anything happen. If you will trust Him,  and acknowledge Him, He will make it happen for you. The decisions will be made before you need the answer. He can “make” a way for you, in fact He can make “the way” for you.

Accept and applaud God’s provision!

Let’s review. What has God asked of you? Stop trying, start trusting. Don’t depend of your resources, depend on His. Recognize His presence and power and expect His provision. It takes the “I” and “me” out of the equation doesn’t it? God wants each of us to trust Him alone, do not trust human flesh, acknowledge Him in “everything”, and He will “make” it all work out.

How can we remain silent about our great God when we know his promises, His presence, His power, and His mighty provision for us?

The God who “so loved the world that He gave His only Son” for you, is for you and not against you. All He asks in return is rely on Him and not yourself, recognize He is with you all the time and in everything, and trust the future and the results to Him.

Romans 8:26-39