Facing 2010 with Expectancy

2010 will mark my 65th year on planet earth. I’m getting old but I stand on the starting line with a twinkle in my eye, with a sense of expectancy, and with faith in my heart.

What will a new year bring? Who knows but God alone? I know that whatever it brings will come to me with God’s approval and for my good. It might be great blessing or it might be pain and suffering, or even death, but it will be filtered through His sovereign will. Of this I am sure and am content.

My prayers and my dreams are alike. I desire that my future, however long, be marked with increased holiness, a more desperate prayer habit, loving others more frequently and in tangible ways, and being a blessing rather than waiting for one.

I want to become one who loves God more than I love the approval of men (This is an admitted struggle for me all of my life). I want to place more emphasis on adjusting my life to the truth I know than seeking more truth. I want my teaching to be marked by more integrity, my love for my wife and family to be more generous, and my need for repentance less frequent.

If I could be granted but one wish it would be at this time next year God could say of me “Royce is my friend”.

An honest appraisal of this man who has been a believer for almost 50 years is not pretty. I love satisfaction at the expense of sanctification. Sometimes I spend more time on Face Book than in God’s book. I tend toward measuring myself against men rather than against the God-man. I am too negative and skeptical at the expense of being poor in spirit. And, perhaps worst of all, sometimes I try to rationalize rather than repent.

So, I lean heavily upon the arm of the everlasting One, wallow in His grace, and give thanks for His faithfulness. I am the chief of sinners but I know whom I have believed and am confident that one golden day break He will complete his work of making one helpless sinner into the glorious likeness of Jesus Christ the Lamb of God.

I will not live in Romans 7 forever. Sooner than later I will move to Romans 8. Count on it…

Happy New Year! Agape