Trust and Obey

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I started studying the Bible when I was in my early twenties. I had been in Sunday school classes, Vacation Bible school, and  church services but had never had an appetite for learning about God and the Bible. My interest peaked when I started growing up and realizing the responsibilities of being an adult. I was married, struggling financially much of the time, the few prayers I prayed were seemingly not being answered, and I was searching for truth.

As I began to read long passages of Scripture, (even whole books of the Bible), and tried to understand what they really meant to me, I was shocked that at least some of what I had been taught was in my view not biblical. Later, after I entered Bible school for ministry training, I was also shocked that there were so many different views of what I considered to be important…

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2 comments on “Trust and Obey

  1. Many like myself had to move away to express their real beliefs as to do so at the church you grew up in would of brought you problems. Many withdrew themselves and moved on before they were withdrawn from. We see even more that leaving happening when their legalistic church parents die as they did not want to embarrass them by leaving before.
    The decreasing numbers tells the story.

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