Many Winters Ago, A White Christmas

Grace Digest

We sat in a semicircle around the trusty Duotherm oil heater, the only warm place in our house, as the wind whistled through the limbs of the apple trees outside the windows. Nearby an Admiral radio emitted the wail of a country song by means of WSM in Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry.

Momma had made popcorn and she and Daddy and I enjoyed the salty treat interrupted only by an occasional sip of hot chocolate. This night could have been almost any winter Saturday night but I believe this one was probably 1951, the year I entered the 1st grade.

In the mountains of the Blue Ridge, a few miles east of the Smokey’s, snow in the winter was almost as common as the sun. But this year was different. We had several days of temperatures in the low 20’s and teens and freezing rain and sleet. The…

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3 comments on “Many Winters Ago, A White Christmas

  1. Royce, I just wanted to thank you for your constant reminder of grace and your encouraging words to me! You are part of the reason WFR is such a special place. God bless, merry Christmas, and a Happy Happy Happy New Year.
    Mike Kellett

  2. I loved reading this particular post…Your parents obviously gave you the proper sense of values, much as my parents did in Nashville where I grew up! I think I’m about 3 years older than you!

    Thank you for your devotionals!  Blessings in the new year!



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