Made to Serve – Mike Baumgartner



When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the gulf coast of the U.S., Mike Baumgartner left his comfy beach condo and drove to Mobile, Alabama to volunteer. Little did he know that his life would forever be changed. The following spring Disaster Assistance coc, a non-profit, volunteer organization was born.

The man in the window above, Mike Baumgartner, was an unknown. He was just a retired guy who wanted to help people. Now, he is still a retired guy who helps people but many, many people recognize his orange shirt and the logo that is seen where ever there is a domestic natural disaster. The proof is in the pudding as they say and Mike has proven his perseverance and desire to help people in trouble.

The list of accomplishments is too long to post here but Mike and his volunteers have prepared tens of thousands of meals, providing them free of charge to anyone who needs a hot meal. The victims of fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes have benefited. Mike’s record is a very good one. Within hours of any disaster Mike and his mobile command center/home are on the road to begin serving. He has worked hand in hand with local church of Christ congregation across the country. I received word yesterday that he was in Colorado and set up, ready to help.

Mike Baumgartner is like the Energizer bunny, he never winds down. And, he has a helper who is cut from the same cloth. Since the beginning, Don Hudson has been a valuable partner with Mike on the mission. Don delivers food to remote places and to people who can’t come to get food at the site. Don is also constantly praying with the affected people and setting appointments to share the good news about Jesus with them. Don and his wife Rosemary are great people with hearts as big as Texas. What a team Mike and Don have made!

Disaster Assistance has proven it is worthy of your support. The elders of the Lake Jackson church of Christ in Lake Jackson, Texas have oversight of financials for DA and donations can be mailed to :

Disaster Assistance Mission
402 Center Way St
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
You can also donate using PayPal. Go to and click on the PayPal button.
Thank you Mike, Don, and all your volunteers for the difference you have made and continue to make in the lives of hurting people.

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