One plants, another waters, God gives the increase

The year was 1962. 34 people met in a tent near what is now I-35 in Lewisville, Texas. The Lakeland Baptist church was born. The church was named for the housing development nearby. Little did those few people know that the town would grow so that their pie shaped lot would eventually have them land locked and unable to do much expansion.

The church did grow, for many years they had baptisms every Sunday (and still might..). They couldn’t build a larger building so what did they do? They planted 14 start up churches in nearby North Texas communities. Today they have two foreign language congregations using their building each week, one of which is at near 400 in attendance. Unselfish people!

Oh, by the way. One of those 14 church plants was what is now The Village Church. The Village Church, with Pastor Matt Chandler,  just recently opened it’s fourth campus. They are reaching thousands of people for Christ on the north side of Dallas Ft. Worth.

The tiny church you help to plant might just someday be a mega-church. I know, some people frown on mega-churches. But good ones have mega-love and are mega-gospel and reach mega-people with the very good news about Jesus!

Lakeland Baptist has baptized many thousands of people at the original location and only the Lord knows how many in those church plants and their other mission outreaches. My hat is off to this gospel centered people.

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