Same Blog, New Look

A few of my readers had problems reading the white on black text, and I discovered that some of the older stuff in the dusty archives did not translate at all to the black theme. So, black is out.

An online friend advised me of the difficulty of finding archived posts. Hopefully I fixed that. Posts can now be found using a search widget, a category cloud, and by dated archives.

Writing has been a joy to me since I was a high school kid. I write principally for my own therapy. A few years ago my friend John Dobbs  suggested that I might enjoy blogging. I took his suggestion seriously and now many, many posts later I am so glad for the suggestion.

I have been both honored and humbled that things I have written have been helpful to so many people. I have received messages from readers from several countries saying they were encouraged, enlightened, were helped to understand a passage of Scripture, or in some way blessed by my humble efforts at the keyboard. I have heard from people who used something I posted for a communion meditation, churches have posted several posts in their weekly bulletins or monthly newsletters, and many people have written to me saying they were using something they found here in a sermon or Bible class. I am in awe at what God has done!

In 2012 there were days when I had over 20,000 views. Some days there are as few as 200. I am continually amazed that people from literally all around the planet manage to find little insignificant me and read what I write. My sincere thanks to those of you who have read my posts and a hearty welcome to new readers.

Royce Ogle
Monroe, LA

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