What a year for Grace Digest!

2012 was my 6th year of blogging at GraceDigest.com. It has been the busiest year by far. I learned last night that almost 89,000 people from 127 countries and all the U.S. states took a look at a post here in the past 12 months. Each of those visitors viewed more than one post. I credit the traffic count in large part to the crazy popularity of the Duck Commander, Phil Robertson, and the success of the hit TV show Duck Dynasty. I have written about them three times and reblogged another. The numbers shot up as a result. My goal  when I started this blog, and now, is not to see how many readers I can get, but it is affirming to have so many. Even without the bump from the DC content, the numbers of people who read what I write has been astonishing.

The heart and soul of Grace Digest is Bible teaching, it’s about making the person of Jesus Christ known and publishing his accomplishments for sinners. Over these years I have received comments from readers, emails, Facebook messages, and comments in person saying that something I wrote here was helpful. It is a fair question to ask “Why the world needs another “Christian blog” when there are already thousands of very good ones out there?” I don’t have an answer except that my writing has been well received. It is something I enjoy doing, there can’t be too much promotion of Jesus and his saving work, so I continue.

The future? I have decided to not write articles here that are not Christian, Bible, related posts. Politics, social commentary, and other topics that interest me will be published on another blog, “bloghead” which is at RoyceOgle.com. I don’t have an agenda other than to share what is important to me. People either read or they don’t. People either agree or disagree or are neutral. Some people comment but most don’t.

I would study the Bible and try to walk with God, and write about that experience if no one read a line. I enjoy writing, in fact I love the discipline of expressing my thoughts in this way. So, since I’m doing it anyway, if one person considers the claims of Jesus, if one follower of Jesus is helped and encouraged it’s a bonus.

I deeply appreciate the kind comments and encouragement from so many personal friends and from readers. I look forward with optimism to 2013 and beyond. The darker the night the brighter a small light shines and even the smallest light expels some darkness, so I write.


3 comments on “What a year for Grace Digest!

  1. Dear brother: I am unable to post a comment at your blog since the “post your comment here…” section does not accept my comments. I want you to know how beneficial your blog has been for me. Your enjoyment of writing certainly shows brightly in your work. I am pleased to know that it’s your intention to continue.

    J.H.Bullington Athens, AL

    Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 15:30:40 +0000 To: jhbullington@msn.com

  2. optimism. man what an understatement, Your pened words have had a great influance on a lot of us. Thank You for your concern for us fellow men and women that You take time to share with us from your Heart and relate the good things that God has done thru Jesus. May God give you Many more years of good life here on this chunk a dirt. Hope for a very Good 2013 for You and Carol

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