Gospel of the Grace of God

The fact that the name of this blog is Grace Digest is no small matter.  Years ago when I first started this blog it was a push-back against what I was seeing across the face of Americanized Christianity, namely a man centered gospel. The gospel of Christ at its most elementary definition is simply “good news”. What God has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ is in fact “good news” for sinful people. Conversely, man centered gospel is not “good news” because a salvation that depends on the goodness, obedience, and faithfulness of mere men will crumble and fall, every time.  The whole reason for the coming of Jesus and his passion was to answer the utter failure of the best of men to fully please God.

God and God alone makes sinful humans fit for his family and eternity with him. His unfathomable grace provides eternal life and forgiveness of sins as a free gift. Any church, any religious movement, that insists that we fallen creatures can so live that we will be approved by God on our own personal merit is wrong and should be avoided.


3 comments on “Gospel of the Grace of God

  1. Royce, I have to say I agree with you here. I knew people, both in the COC and Hutterite churches, who taught that we could never know we were saved except by 100% obedience till death. Perfect obedience or absolute holiness has never been my experience of following Christ. My following of Christ has been one of limited obedience, flawed or partial understanding, and sometimes absolute failure. It was a revelation to me that God still loved me and forgave me. Thank God for His grace to me through Jesus Christ. Salvation is by faith from first to last. (Romans 1:16-17).

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