Duck Dynasty – What you probably know and what you probably don’t know

What has become a hit show on the A&E Network features a group of unusual characters that could not have been cast by a Hollywood professional and dialogue that could not have been scripted by the best writers.

The show features Phil Robertson, the Duckcommander, his extended family, and a few friends and employees of the family business. After winning all the best awards at the Outdoor Channel with the Duckcommander show, they have taken cable by storm and are quickly rising to one of the top shows on cable. It is an unlikely bunch to enjoy such fame and to amass such a loyal fan following. They are not entertainers, at least not trained entertainers, they are just…well….they are just the Robertson bunch.

Most of the above is what you probably already knew. Now for some things you probably didn’t know.

Just how popular are they? Recently, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, arguably the best show on CNN, was able to only attract just over 500,000 viewers. Meanwhile, the last episode of the season for Duck Dynasty had 2.6 million viewers. Not too shabby, and they are trending upward. Soon they will start shooting for their second season, this year will have a healthy 25 episodes.

What drives them? You might be shocked to know that the motivating force is not fame and the money that comes with TV stardom. What drives them is a simple mission that began with the elder Robertson soon after his conversion to Christianity. They are focused on telling as many people as possible about the story of Jesus Christ and what he has done for sinful people, (that’s all of us..).

An open door. After reading the paragraph above you might question, “Yes, I see them say a prayer before they eat and Phil will say something about the Bible occasionally but they don’t share about Jesus on the show do they?” Of course it’s a fair question and I think many people who know the Robertson’s might have similar questions when they hear someone make the claim that they are all about evangelism.

What Duck Dynasty and other family media has done is to open doors that could never have been opened any other way. Phil, Jase, Alan, and John have all the speaking opportunities they can handle and more. Even before Duck Dynasty Phil was booked up for about 3 years in advance. They speak at sports shows of all sorts, sports banquets at churches and other venues, and almost anywhere they can get an audience. What you might not know is that every speaking opportunity features a rugged looking outdoors type dude with duck calls in one hand and a Bible in the other. They almost never speak anywhere that they don”t preach the gospel. This family has preached the good news about Jesus to far more people in the last several years than many major ministries ever could. They walk the walk and talk the talk, for this I most respect what they do and who they are.

The lost sheep returns. Duck Dynasty is truly a family business but one of the Robertson sons has been missing most of the time. The oldest son, Alan, has only had cameo appearances a few times, is clean-shaven, and has not worked very much in the business. For several years Alan has been one of the pulpit ministers at the church where the family worships. He is a gifted preacher and one of the very best I have ever heard. The lost sheep is coming home! Alan announced to the congregation of his church today that he will be stepping down from his preaching job at White’s Ferry Road to return to the family business where he worked building duck calls when the business was just getting off the ground. He will still worship with us, still be an elder, and will still preach often, but his principal job will be helping his family reach even more people for Christ. It’s a sweet bonus that they get to have so much fun doing it.

So, tune in when the new season begins and keep in mind that what you see on the screen is just a fraction of what the Robertson clan and their friends are all about. To them, Jesus really is Lord!

94 comments on “Duck Dynasty – What you probably know and what you probably don’t know

    • Love your show, and glad to know you put Jesus first. My son is always saying ” I would love to be part of that family”. Thank you for a wonderful clean show. We need more God loving folks like y’all on TV and delete the Godless shows. Keep up the good work, of I don’t get to meet you on this earth I’ll see you in Heaven, Jesus love you!

  1. Royce, you have given a good bunch of gospel sharers a great gift. Thank you for a fair explanation. We are gonna miss Al as part of our duo. But we all know it is not about any one individual. Its all about Jesus and sharing what he has done for us all.

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  3. My fav show . Good ole boys with great family’s whom stick together and take care of each other . And I should say I think miss Kay is very wonderful and rightly so treated like their second god . I already love her like my now gone GRANDMAW for many years she brings it all back just seeing her warm eyes . It would be a dream come true and would bring back many great memory’s if I was to be welcomed at her table and her guest bed which I would say would be the greatest food and the soooo missed wonderful feather beds . I would bet my john Deere tractor on it . If she ran a bed and breakfast Inn in the tip of the north pole I would sell my liver to get the chance to stay there . I wish they made more DUCK DYNASTY. SHOWS ! Or even throw gene Simmons to the side and put the duck clan in its place better yet chunk housewives of newjersy to a different channel . GO DUCK DYNASTY ! Your the best !

  4. I love this show. I used to conduct business often in Monroe/W Monroe LA. Love that city and its people. Salt of the earth and praise God for His Goodness and Mercy.

  5. I am a school mate of Phil’s and along with alot of his school mates have had fun watching the show, very entertaining. I have a request that you put a picture of Phil and Kay from high school on the show. I remember Phil as very handsome young boy with a big smile on his face . Kay was a tire beauty her white and red dress in the beauty pagent. God Bless Your Work

  6. My whole family has fallen in love with this whole family. Their show is a delight to watch as well as enjoy. This day & time you do not get very many shows on TV that don’t have the foul language & the sex scenes. This show is about family & God. Thanks for the information on them as it enhances my respect even more for them. Blessings to this wonderful family.

    • Amen! My husband and I started watching Duck Dynasty after our kids were talking about it. It’s the only show on tv that is good, clean, redneck Christian fun. I live in Southern Illinois, not to be confused with Chicago. We are the redneck part of the state, and relate to this type of entertainment and their faith. We went to a 50th birthday party for a friend last weekend. It was a costume party. We dressed as Sy and Willie. All of our friends knew who we were as soon as they saw us. I wish we could get one of the Robertson’s to speak at our church. We would have to get out more chairs for the overflow. I pray that this family continues to bless us with their witness.

  7. Royce…

    Thanks for the post…enjoyed reading it.

    Dee & I both watch the Duck Dynasty when we can…enjoy it immensely.

    Keep on Blessing Others.

    We love y’all and miss you both!

    Dee & I are still reaching out and touching lives for Christ…

    Fred & Dee Franke
    Operation Nehemiah
    New Orleans, LA

    • Wonderful to hear from you Fred. I really appreciate you guys. You have proven yourselves to any observer.

      I would love to see you two. Maybe sometime we can come down to the Big Easy for a visit, I’d love that.


  8. I didn’t know about Alan. Alan, you know you will have to don the beard – it is a condition of employment at DD.

    Still waiting to take you guys coon hunting one day!

  9. I’m just glad there is a show on TV that makes me laugh out loud, and I can watch with my kids. Our new favorite phrase is, “Happy, happy, happy!”

  10. I was wondering if I could find out some information about some of the work Phil does my fiance watches the show and loves what they do and we are getting married in September and we wanted to know if he was the justice of the peace so he could marry us

    • Phil is extremely busy but he is not a justice of the peace. Where do you live? I might find someone to help you. Phil is booked up far in advance for speaking engagements and his very little time for anything else. We do wish you well on your coming marriage.

  11. This is an awesome show and I knew they were a good Christian family but I didnt know the rest of the story. Thank you for letting people know. I love them all and they all make me laugh but I love Uncle SI and Phil when they dont say anything just a thumbs up LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I dont miss a single show. I hope God Blesses them with many more years of this good old wholesome down south hospitality show. I can’t wait for the new episodes to come out.

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  13. Great show! Looking forward to having Alan on. Tried to pick up a duck call for my daughter at hunting shop across from Duck Commander but all sold out. Will have to order online. Proud to be from West Monroe where good family values still exist. Left today after 30th West Monroe High School Reunion. We missed you Alan! Looking forward to next season 🙂

  14. Royce
    I subscribed to your e-mail and receive notices there, but I cannot find or read anything later than June 30 2012 on your site. I usually use google crome, but exployier is the same result. The phone is not my best idea of reading material like this. Evidently according to the comments there must be posts that I cannot read here. Patternism in Churches of Christ I cannot find.

  15. We are redneck Robertson’s who live in Kentucky. Just trying to find out if we are related. We are having a family reunion this Sunday Sept 9th at Jimmy Ray Robertson’s home. There are several of this brothers and sisters, and my husband is a Robertson also, cousin to these. I would love a comment on my email from one of you. Thanks love the show, and can’t wait to watch it again.

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  17. What I would do to spend one day with the robertson family best show ever I’ve got all my friends and family hooked wish it was on for longer hey! Haha hey

  18. This is what I love about them! They are real-their lives honor Christ and yet they are not afraid to show that they are not perfect either (which is why we need Christ in the first place) They are not preachy and in your face on the show, but are also not ashamed to preach the Gospel when the opportunity is appropriate. This yuppie girl is encouraged by them.

  19. Told my husband of 29 years just this evening while watching the show if course
    “this is a modern day version of the Walton’s”…..yep, finally a family friendly show, one I’m happy to watch with my grandchildren!!! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!!!

    • Is A&E’s Duck Dynasty a new king in primetime?
      On Wednesday, back-to-back episodes of the reality series about a multimillion-dollar duck-call company set records for A&E across all key demographics, ranking as the top cable series for the night.
      The 10:30 p.m. episode outdrew the first, with an average of 4.4 million total viewers, including a record 2.6 million in 25-54 and 2.5 million in 18-49. The 10 p.m. episode also delivered big numbers, drawing 4.3 million total viewers with 2.5 million in adults 18-49 and 25-54.

  20. I heard Si tasted raccoon poop in one. Somehow get this word to them: ALMOST ALL RACCOONS ARE INFECTED WITH A PARASITE IN THEIR FECES THAT INFECTS THE BRAIN AND IS 100%FATAL! He needs to be checked by a doctor to see if he has the parasite!

  21. I realize that you are not part of the show, but I did see where you attended the same church. My husband and I have pastored our entire life (married at 18). There has been some really hard times. My children have been affected the most by hurtful remarks and actions that seem to be all a part of the ministry. My son who is 25 I have watched face struggles with the stress and tears that come from being a part of a pastor’s home. This show has uplifted his spirits. We always said he came out of the womb a old redneck man. Honestly speaking, he could sit at the Robertson’s dinner table and fit right in with them. I wish that somehow I could let Jase, Willie, Phil…know that they are making an impact on lives. I know that their goal is to reach the lost, but I wish I could convey to them theat they are also uplifting the “found”. If you attend church with them, or know them personally it would be a wish granted for this teary eyed momma for you to tell them thanks for giving to the Lord. I have a son whose life has been changed.

    • I am sending a copy of your comment today. I know they will be pleased to hear from you. As you can imagine, they are getting thousands of comments both good and bad. Thankfully, most are good. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. May God add his blessings to you and your loved ones.


      • Love the show, family & most of all the family dinner at the end of each show with Phil saying a prayer. Considering all the reality garbage shows on TV today it is refreshing to see & hear Duck Quack Pack.
        Keep it up.
        Lorraine, Cambridge Ontario, Canada

  22. Phil came to our church in VA in 2010 and Alan came last year in 2011. Both brought an awesome message of what our Savior is truly about, FORGIVENESS. I see Willie will be at Liberty University on march 8 and 9. Only a few miles from my house. Cant wait! If anyone can come to this mens event check out My mens group at church go every year, worth every penny. Would love to get hooked up again with Phil and Alan both again, we had a blast!

  23. I watched one of phil’s sermon’s on youtube, he does a wonderful job! my grandpa was born in 1901 (i am only 20) and built a church out of granite from the family granite quarry years ago. this church is still in existance today, my dad is one of the elders, and bass player, as i am a guitar player for the church. its a little country church but the bible says that if we seek god, no matter our numbers, our cups shall be filled and we will praise god if there’s 5 or 500. i also grew up hunting and fishing here in southeast missouri, im just a good ol boy that loves the lord and i love the duck commander show and duck dynasty, and one more thing, THEIR DUCK CALLS ARE REALLY GOOD, SOME OF THE BEST!

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  25. Just want to say thanks for a show that conveys family values and also has fun at the same time. Many people who watch the show are just now catching on that there are no curse words or yelling and screaming like all the other run of the mill reality (and non-reality) shows. We (my husband and I) are very selective in what we watch and reality TV is not usually on the list, however, somehow he heard of DD and wanted me to watch. We both love to watch (even the re-runs), so keep it going! Christmas was a special event this year. Last year I did not even decorate, but this year i did, and under the tree were several things from the DD for my 2 grown boys and also my husband. The gifts were a hit!
    If you would, please give a pat on the back to the Robertsons for helping make my family realize that family really does come first… to God, that is. An offering of prayer for this family in Elberton, Georgia would be appreciated as we have many things that are in need of prayer. No need to say what they are, He already knows. The Robertsons are messengers of what is good and just. I am thankful to know them, if but through the show. Reminds me of my grandparents values when they were alive. I miss those days but get to re-visit that feeling when the Robertsons are on!
    Have a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY New Year!

  26. If I could afford a ticket to fly out there with my 2 boys who are 10 and 13 I would because while we love the show it has truly opened the door to having the conversations about God and the bible and well all its teachings. I have not done a good job of teaching my boys about Christ but when they see the show,the love and respect for one another it is evident Christ lives in each of them. I saw a video on you tube of Jase sharing the word and was moved. My son thinks these men are the coolest and therefore J.C must be too. Since you know them please tell them that even though A&E edits alot of their practices and Christ in their lives,the message is reaching millions like us who don’t go to church!

  27. just realized my nessage was incomplete,I meant that if I could afford a plane ticket I would fly out there and take my boys to church for th first time and listen to these great men share the word, I really hope they come out to California sometime.

  28. Hey this is Chris from Sanantonio texas. Love the show. I love that y’all love Jesus and pray during the show. Would love to talk to yall. Can i have yalls number! Thanks Chris

  29. We just can’t wait for the new season! Our boys are 15, 13, 9. I personally love the way Phill speaks on young relationships, this is great because they will hear him better than me.

  30. My son is doing a school report on Phil, and having trouble finding dates for his timeline. Do you know Phil and Kay’s weddeing anniversary date?

    • I do not know the year. This is not official…but, I believe Phil was a student at Louisiana Tech and Kay was still in high school when the were married. I hope this helps.

  31. When Duck Dnynasty first started I said not another realality show! But we watched the very first episode and I was hooked! My husband and I never miss one. We also even though we are in our 40’s and have 5 grown children (who also watch now) , and 13 grand kids we want to be part of the Robertson family! The cooking, the fun, the closeness of the family is awesome, and most of all the pureness of this show is what America needs. so thank you all for all you do to put this God loving family on TV we absolutely love it. I wear my Duck commander shirt and bought the DVD seasons! and we love in New Mexico! No ducks here except at the zoo. we don’t have water😢

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  33. Its a blessing to be able to watch a show with your family without prophanity in it and pray and eat together. The ROBERTSONS ARE A TRUE BLESSING.

  34. I came across your site tonight while trying to learn more about Duck Dynasty. I was very pleasantly surprised with not only that article but also all the other’s that I read. Really, enjoyed the website. If you conduct a blog or email a newsletter with new articles would you place me on it?

  35. Recently bought a couple items wish i had could find a couple of t shirts that are related to the duck dynasty theme with the real meaning of dynasty that the family believes in our lord jesus any suggestions?

  36. Love the family show with Godly values. My husband grew out his beard. His cousins and his family are sure they are kin to Phil.They do somewhat resemble Phil. Their great grandfather was from Glascow Ky. Then moved to Tennessee. Thanks.?

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