The Unusual Circumstances of the Incarnation of Jesus

The Proclamation

In all of human history can you guess how many birth announcements were given by angels? At a minimum one might surmise that Jesus was going to be a big deal. It’s one thing to have a half column in the Sunday paper, or even a mention during morning drive time on a popular radio station, but an angel? Yes, an angel, and a praise team with him. In fact it was a “multitude” of heavenly beings who led the praise to God.

A  Savior has been born! He is Christ the Lord!

A Proclamation to The Most Unlikely People

Why on earth (or in heaven I suppose) would the heavenly messenger make the grand announcement of the birth of the Christ child to….shepherds? Shepherds? Shepherds instead of the leaders of the Jewish religion in Jerusalem? Shepherds and not the Roman officials? Was there a job, or a people, in those days in that place that demanded less respect? Are you serious? Shepherds?

Even in the announcement of his birth it is the lowest of humankind, those overlooked and under appreciated by society that received his attention. It was a pattern that would continue throughout Jesus’ ministry. Well the very idea! He eats with sinners and his disciples eat without washing their hands! He is friendly to Samaritans and to those caught in adultery! How could this be a heavenly King? No one from heaven would associate with “those people”, would they?

A Questionable Pedigree

The head nurse of the Bethlehem Stalls Maternity Ward comes in to see Mary.. “I need some information to fill out the birth certificate. Your name is Mary?” Mary calmly replies, “Yes, I am Mary the daughter of …” and she gives the name of her father and the city of his residence. The nurse continues, “And who is the child’s father?“, as she looks toward a very nervous Joseph. Mary answers quietly but firmly, “God“. “OK honey, every woman with a new baby thinks he is God’s gift to the world but I need to know the name of the biological father of this child please.” Mary repeats, “God“. The nurse’s eyes widen and she exclaims “God? Do you feel OK?” “I’m fine” Mary responds, “I am a virgin. We are engaged but we have never had sex, I have never been intimate with a man. This is God’s child I hold in my arms. He made me pregnant.” The confused nurse rolls her eyes and says with an obvious note of sarcasm, “All right honey, God it is then. I don’t know if they will issue a birth certificate with this information, but I’ve done my job. Good luck you two“, and she is gone.

There is a reason Jesus our Lord is called the Son of God. He is God’s Son! I don’t have time to develop here some of the reasons it had to be this way and why it was imperative that Jesus not have a human father. But believe this, in the most literal sense Jesus IS the Son of God.

A Redemptive Purpose

The announcement of Jesus’ birth was unusual and was given to unlikely people. His conception was by God the Holy Spirit, and he came to live and die and rise again for an ungodly lot like me and you. The scheme of redemption is grand story, full of drama and suspense, and is the greatest love story ever told.

Jesus came to give you LIFE! Life everlasting. Life in an immortal body like his resurrection body. The Bible declares “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”. I hope if you have not already done so that somebody you, someone who feels unloved, one who believes things are hopeless, will run to Jesus and put your trust in Him. He is your gift! Receive Him.

Merry Christmas!

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