Political Correctness and Men With Lacey Underwear

I have had my fill of “Political Correctness“! And, I am equally fed up with those who live every waking moment afraid they might offend someone. In my view there are lots of folks who need to be offended.

Today I read a tweet from a Dallas area preacher wondering if it is wrong for a church to display an American flag in church. After all it might offend someone. There might be a passivist in the crowd. Yes, Rev, and there could even be someone who hates America in the audience too. Well guess what, you have offended me!

Political correctness and the herd mentality have walked hand in hand into our everyday lives and into our houses of worship. Preachers avoid certain Bible topics because they are so afraid of offending someone. News Flash!! There are topics in the Bible designed to offend! Jesus promised that the good news about him would be offensive to many, if not most. Preacher, if you aren’t ever offending anyone you should be worried. I am not elevating the presence of the American flag to the level of importance of the gospel. I am saying that being paralyzed by the fear of offending someone is foolish.

In our politically correct culture and even in our churches we are largely following the “herd mentality“. Consensus is the rule and the result is that the herd (or congregation, or small group) never rises above the level of the smallest mind in the herd. What is desperately needed in our governments and in our churches is bold leadership. We need men and women who make judgments, take risks, and lead based on principles and not on the direction of the political wind.

Several members of my family have given their blood in defense of the country the American Flag represents. And it is true of almost every family in any church in the United States. Even the hint that it is wrong to have an American flag in a church building, especially on this day, is insulting.

Royce Ogle – A proud American


2 comments on “Political Correctness and Men With Lacey Underwear

    • I know some folks are sincerely bothered by an American flag or the National Anthem sung near the 4th of July. I can’t imagine why unless someone supposes it is some sort of idolatry, quite a stretch in my view.


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