Reflections on the Resurrection of Jesus

It seems like only a few weeks have passed since I wrote and published on Grace Digest a post entitled simply “Jesus is not dead!” about a year ago. Now the roses, tulips, hibiscus, and a variety of other plants are showing their spring faces. It was a short winter! This Sunday Christians (and many non-Christians) will in some way celebrate or remember the resurrection of Jesus.

This afternoon as I contemplated this time of year, and especially Easter, I focused my thoughts on Jesus fulfilled promise that He would rise again. And, of course he did and his life after resurrection is carefully documented in the Bible and in history.

The resurrection of Jesus from death is the bedrock of the Christian faith but it is not an isolated event. As important as Jesus’ resurrection is, it does not stand alone, at least it will not. My friend Edward Fudge said it best. In one of his popular gracEmail installments he said,

Jesus’ resurrection was not an isolated event. It was the first in a long series. Imagine Jesus and all his people holding numbered tickets, with Jesus’ ticket marked “No. 1.”

The Resurrection started nearly 2,000 years ago when God called “No. 1” and Jesus rose from the dead. Then, in keeping with his plan announced through the ancient prophets, God paused — until a time known to him alone (Psalm 110:1). When that time arrives, God will resume the Resurrection with “No. 2” and all the numbers that follow.

I sincerely hope that many of those dear people who will make one of their twice annual appearances in a house of worship will hear the truth that being raised out of death was not only for Jesus but for all of those who were, and are, and will be, faith followers of the One whose life we celebrate at Easter.

A resurrection like that of Jesus awaits all of God’s children by divine decree. As Brother Fudge correctly said, Jesus was “No. 1” out of millions who will finally be resurrected. The resurrection of the people of God is the final step in God’s redemptive plan to make sinful human beings fit for heaven and the glory of God.

Each of that unknown number will at the resurrection of the saints receive a body like the resurrected, glorified body of Jesus. It will be a body that is recognizable, can be seen and touched, one that can enjoy a meal with friends, and yet can appear in a room with the doors shut. It is a body that is well suited both to earth’s atmosphere and the heavenly places of the Father. It is a body that will be no less than a trophy of the glory and grace of God to put on display His matchless love, give him glory and praise in eternity, and enjoy the inheritance given by grace.

There is good news! You can get out alive! Jesus conquered death and gives life and immortality to those who obediently trust Him alone. Jesus said to a friend’s sister who was in grief,

I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. (John 11:25,26)

I close with the question Jesus asked “Do you believe this?” I hope you do. The resurrection of Jesus confirmed he was who he claimed to be and that his promises are sure. He offers forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and a home with him in eternity. Just take him at his word, He is trustworthy above all others.

For the Life,

Royce Ogle

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