An Observation about Preachers

I have great respect for preachers, missionaries, teachers and anyone else who is involved in the great work of helping people know God more fully. For many years some of my dearest friends were and have been preachers and pastors. Beautiful indeed are the feet of those who tell the good news about Jesus. (Romans 10:15)

Please don’t claim to be a “gospel preacher” if you don’t make a habit of actually preaching the gospel. Today I looked at the web homes of a guy whose claim is that he is a gospel preacher in the Lord’s Church. I looked at the “tag cloud” ( that is the subjects written about on a blog) on one of his blog sites and not one topic on “Jesus”, not one on “Christ”. Oh there were plenty on such topics as “baptism”, “denominations”, “the church” and others. You would think that a fellow who claims to be a “gospel preacher” could cram at least one post in on Jesus and the gospel.

You can preach good things for 40 years but don’t call yourself a “gospel preacher” or “minister of the gospel” if you don’t preach about Christ and what He accomplished for sinners by his holy living, sacrificial dying, and victorious resurrection. It is wrong to claim you are who you are not and do so in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Get familiar with the person of the gospel and major in him and his accomplishments for sinners and you will have plenty to talk about. I fear there will be many men who will be very disappointed to learn too late that God is not pleased with a phony.

Royce Ogle
Monroe, LA



4 comments on “An Observation about Preachers

  1. Was the tag cloud a summary of his blogging or his preaching? I think a gospel preacher can blog about related topics at will without being accused of hypocrisy…

    • I scanned several of the guys articles and looked at two other web sites, one of which included sermons. Not a hint of gospel, not one essay on Jesus. In my Google Reader I have quite a number of blogs that I read. Preachers usually blog about the stuff that most stirs their passions. Too many are passionate about the wrong things.

      I also scanned some of your stuff and found that we have much in common. I wish you well in your studies and may your ministry and life glorify the Lord Jesus before a watching world.


      • Royce,
        I completely agree with you that preaching needs always to commend the gospel if it is to be considered “gospel preaching.” That goes beyond merely stating the gospel at the end of an otherwise Christless sermon. Preaching, teaching and Bible study should connect every passage to the gospel and then to the lives of the audience.

        Do you agree, hypothetically (since this doesn’t seem to be the case here), that a gospel preacher can legitimately blog on separate issues without compromising himself? Where is the line drawn?

        Thanks for the encouragement! Your blog has been a great source of edification for me!
        In Christ,

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