I once kept a New Year’s resolution!

Yep, I once kept a New Year’s resolution! About 30 or more years ago I once decided near the end of the year that in the next I would not drink any coffee. I did keep that promise to myself and did not drink any coffee for one year. I had been drinking far too much but the biggest reason I did that was to prove to myself that I could be the master of me.

Are you your own master? I don’t mean in place of Jesus, I am thinking in context of being able to tell yourself “NO!”. My observation is that only a few people ever reach the level of self-discipline so that they are indeed able to master their own appetites, fleshly (sinful) desires, greed, and love of the praise of men. The proof positive is right before our eyes.

Americans spend billions each year on prescription meds to alter their minds so that they can live with some measure of peace and contentment. And, other substances, legal and illegal, with the hope they can be “happy”are common fare. Big shot politicians, CEO’s of large companies, pro-athletes, and Hollywood types are all representative in some measure of us all, proving again and again that most of us are enslaved to our own appetites and are mastered rather than being master.

This is the day when New Year’s resolutions are usually announced. Most of them will not last ’til spring so why do it? Well, the reason I am doing it is that I think it might aid me in keeping a promise to myself. So my resolutions are…__________, I’m not telling you! Maybe I’ll tell you in a year…, if I keep them!

Maybe a great resolution would be to start learning to tell yourself “No!”. I don’t always do it but when I do it is a powerful, exhilarating, experience. Unfortunately, at age 65 I still have the training wheels on much of the time. But, you never get too old to grow, to learn, to be better, to have more character, and to be more obedient to your God.

I face the new decade with optimism, with resolve, and with great expectation. I gladly admit that except for the fact that I lean heavily upon God’s promises and the Lordship of Jesus in my life I would be laid flat with personal failure. So I will continue to “faith it ’til I make it”. I’ll keep looking up, acknowledging that every good thing comes from a loving heavenly Father. And, I’ll keep harping on Jesus and His over-the-top love on this blog.

Thanks to all who have commented, encouraged me, asked questions off the record, challenged my positions, and prayed for me. Please keep up all the above. I wish everyone a great New Year. May God’s favor be upon you.

Royce Ogle

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