This ‘n That on Wednesday Night

I Felt the Love!

This morning my much better half was carted off to the operating room a bit after 8 a.m. to have a gall bladder removed.

The doctor was a prayin’ man. Dr. Ferguson prayed a simple, humble prayer as he held my wife’s hand and asked for wisdom and healing with thanksgiving.

It was as if God said to me, “OK buddy, relax, I’ve got it covered“. And relax I did, never a worry, just a thankful heart for my God who cares.

Then, a flood of Facebook posts, emails, and texts from all over wishing Carol well and assuring me of their love and prayers. Two of my Wednesday a.m. Bible study guys sent messages, my fishing buddy, and folks who read this blog cared enough to encourage and lighten the day. Thanks all.

Upcoming Posts on Grace Digest.

I’m not positive yet but I’m thinking of a series with the title
Spiritual Boot Camp” . Or, “Just say no to Christian Humanism“. Or, more likely “Walking in the Spirit or Crawling in the Gutter“.

I’m always thinking about God, what His Word teaches. Most of us are missing His best because we don’t trust Him as much as we trust ourselves. Humanism (Trying to solve personal problems without acknowledging God) only provides a temporary remedy. Christian Humanism (Acknowledging God but operating as if He didn’t exist) is just as bad. Neither offers a cure, only God can cure us and make us whole.

Viva Las Vegas Mr. Grim!

Now Waveland, Mississippi is on the map for something other than being the place the eye of Hurricane Katrina hit. Waveland is so small you can drive through it and not know it.

Michael Grim’s last performance on America’s Got Talent was his rendition of
When a Man Loves a Woman, originally recorded by Percy Sledge. Grim wailed it out in style and now is one million dollars richer and will
headline his own Las Vegas show.

Way to Go Michal Grim!

The Tea Party Express is Building Up Steam!

When will the political insiders get it? American voters who tend conservative have had it with business as usual and they are saying it loud and proud at the polling place.

One more Republican liberal is defeated by a nobody Republican. The establishment Republicans, including Karl Rove, whom I like, were infuriated that their guy was soundly defeated in Delaware.

Maybe it’s time to listen to the common man! Duh Huh!
Unless you are an incumbent who has a record of voting  consistent with conservative values (Low taxes, smaller government, less entitlement programs, strong defense, tight borders, right to life, etc.) you might
start looking for another career now.

The working stiff will only take so much. There is a tipping point contrary to popular beltway wisdom. We have had enough of President Obama’s globalism, socialism, and we aren’t going to take it any more.

I have never attended a Tea Party meeting and likely will not.
But I do vote! I will not vote for a liberal no matter
what party he is aligned with.

That’s all for tonight folks. Time for bed and some good reading for an hour or so if the old peepers will cooperate.


3 comments on “This ‘n That on Wednesday Night

  1. Royce, when I read that Carol’s surgeon had prayed with her before surgery, I immediately thought it must have been Dr. Ferguson. He was Larrry’s surgeon 10 years ago and blessed us also with prayer before surgery. Afterward he met with the boys and me. We all appreciated him so very much.

    Give Carol my love. I’m so thankful that all went well for her yesterday and hope she’ll feel much better soon.

  2. Royce, my daughter worked at the white house (10years ago) and told me that the RNC concluded that the grass roots campaign committees was what put the younger bush in the White House. Love your takes on politics as well..Of the greater issues..Love the ideas for future articles you are considering for Grace Digest!, aim, fire! .LOL! Blessings your way..Mary Kay (special blessings for Carol now!!)

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