The Joy of Biscuits

Ahh…there is hardly anything on earth that gives me more pleasure than hot biscuits. (I try to refrain from using the singular form of the noun, “biscuit”, since I avoid eating only one..)

My earliest memories include a pan of momma’s biscuits on the table. For more than 60 years her biscuits were as consistent as McDonald’s french fries. They were always fluffy and light and boy did they taste good! In her later years, mom made her biscuits on top of the stove in an aluminum pan. It is a hinged pan with two equal sides. She knew just the right amount of time for side A and then she would flip it over to side B and when they came out of that pan into the wicker basket they were perfect.

My dad’s lunch when he was a school boy was a biscuit sandwich of some sort. Sometimes jelly, or if they had it, a piece of pork. He loved those lunches and after many decades still had warm memories of grandma Ogle’s biscuits. He would be quick to tell you though that “Vivian’s are the best anywhere”.

Things are simpler now. A flat of Pillsbury biscuits at Sam’s Club is about $3.00, they are already cooked, and are delicious. They only need to be heated a bit and I think they are just as good as mamma’s. There is no need for the process, or the skill, of making them from scratch. You can go from hungry to munching on a wonderful biscuit in about 20 seconds!

Biscuits and gravy will surely be served at the marriage supper of the Lamb in heaven. How could a place really be heaven without biscuits and gravy? Carol serves up biscuits and gravy for my breakfast several times and month. Now some folks, mainly city slickers, think that sort of table fare isn’t good for you. Well, let me tell you something. This antique body is programmed to only run with perfect precision when fueled often with biscuits and pork grease.

Hot biscuits with butter and honey, with blackberry jelly, with peach preserves, or with apple butter are unbeatable. Once in a blue moon I’ll run across someone who knows what red-eye gravy is. A biscuit soaked in red-eye gravy is oh so good! My favorite I suppose is biscuits and gravy with eggs and sausage. I want the eggs over easy, the sausage spicy, and I break the biscuits in little pieces and cover the whole mess with gravy. That is right up there with good collard greens and corn bread!

Hey gals, want to make your feller happy! Give him biscuits, lots of biscuits, he’ll love you for it! I have never talked to a guy down at the service station who said “My wife makes the very best toast anywhere”. They say the way to a guy’s heart is his stomach. I’m pretty sure when God created stomachs the next thing he thought of was hot biscuits. There is no doubt biscuits have saved lots of marriages. You think I’m joking but nope, I really believe it.

See you at the local Cracker Barrel. I’ll be the old guy with a breakfast menu in my hand!


2 comments on “The Joy of Biscuits

  1. Royce, I too enjoy the pillsbury biscuits but I do love the challenge of cooking. Would you happen to have your Moms biscuit recipe written down?

    • No Chuck, I don’t. Mom was blind so it was a pinch of this and a dab of that, a hand full of flower and a little buttermilk, and soon the best biscuits ever. She amazed friends of mine in the kitchen Blindness didn’t keep her from being a wonderful cook and home maker.

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