Will the real Conservative please step forward…

I am sick of our current liberal leadership in the U S Congress and the White House. And, I am just about equally as fed up with what is apparently their only possible opposition, the troop of people who want seats in the Congress and the Senate who are “Conservative Lite”.

I have a news alert for Republicans, Tea Party types or not. Blasting President Obama, trying to make much more of the Mosque debate than is rational, and making vague promises that mean nothing except that more hot air has been expelled an’t gonna cut it with the voters.

What Conservative will offer a list of entitlement programs he will work to cut if elected? What programs, (or departments) will you work to do away with? Don’t tell me you are going to cut the “rate of spending” or the spending “rate of growth”, that is not a cut. Don’t bother voters with political-speak, just be honest if possible. You have not cut spending unless the dollars spent last year is more than the dollars spent this year. Cutting the rate of growth in spending is still an increase. Do you think we are stupid?

There are things I like about Newt, Mitt, and Sarah, but give us some meat and potatoes we can believe. I am weary of fluff and noise with no substance. Unless Republicans or Independents can articulate a variety of positive, concrete, changes the American voter can buy into get ready for more of the same!

I’m waiting for a candidate who is more than hot air. Anyone can criticize President Obama and the Congress. It doesn’t take a great political mind to do that. Is there one statesman alive today? I don’t know one. If one person, male or female, straight or gay, will come to the platform and put America and her citizens first, and present an agenda for real change, I’ll support you and vote for you if I’m able. I’ll do everything I can to stop anyone who claims to be conservative and is only a donkey wearing an elephant head.

If anyone knows a potential Conservative Presidential candidate for 2012 who is Reagan-like, let me know. I am not aware of one yet.

I want (I don’t think I’m alone here…) the following:

  • Less government, not slower growth of government.
  • Less entitlement dollars spent, not less growth of spending
  • Stronger Defense
  • Someone who will work to enforce immigration law (someone who will fire anyone in his administration who uses the phrase “comprehensive immigration reform”.
  • A candidate who if elected will actually honor and respect states rights.
  • Someone who believes this country is a Constitutional Republic and governs as if they believe it.
  • A person who will tell the UN to take a hike and run them out of the country. How could they be more useless?
  • Someone who believes in the free enterprize system, who doesn’t believe profit is evil, who will admit in public that Al Gore is a bag of wind, and who has the courage to call our national enemies out by name.

Well, I want more, but this would do for a start. We are in big time trouble!

American citizen,

Royce ogle

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