Tuesday Night Musings…

By almost any measure I am an old man. By the calendar, the scars, the painful joints, and the odometer, I have been here for a while!
But, I am not done yet!

Things I would like to do, or have, but probably will not.

  1. Own a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. The Little General vetoes this one.
  2. Own or build a 1937 Ford flat-back sedan street rod. Bank account says “No way Jack!”
  3. Visit Scotland, the home of my ancestry. Maybe…
  4. Get a tattoo. I don’t have an answer! I just like a meaningful, tasteful tat, that’s all.
  5. Catch a bass over 14 lbs. Could January be the magic time?
  6. Live to see my 6 grandchildren grown up. …and be healthy when I get there.
  7. Spend a day on the lake with Hank Parker.
  8. Compete in a NASCAR race. Hey! It’s my list!
  9. Hike the Appalachian Trail with my brother. At least several miles of it.
  10. Have dinner with Newt Gingrich.

Things I should do and can do but probably will not.

  1. Write poetry again.
  2. Write content on GraceDigest.com that is what I enjoy, and less what I think needs to be written.
  3. Write a book. This is a completely selfish pipe dream and I don’t even have a pipe!
  4. Seek out more preaching opportunities. It helps me stay focused on what is most important.
  5. Smile more on purpose even when it doesn’t come easy.
  6. Stay in touch with old friends even when they don’t respond in like kind. I need what they offer, even when it’s difficult to get it from them.
  7. Watch the news on TV less. I have actually been doing much better on this one. It makes me negative and cynical.
  8. Give more attention to focused prayer, especially intercession. When Jesus taught the disciples how to pray He taught them to intercede for others and he taught them to pray together.
  9. Encourage more prayer in the small groups I am a part of.
  10. Become a better man. Trust me, I know where to start.

Things I regret.

Oh sure, I have a list but I’m not telling you! If you really think you need to know ask God, I told him.

I am full of thanksgiving for all the manifest ways God has blessed my life. I completely understand that I don’t deserve one tiny good thing, every good thing is a symbol of God’s grace toward me.

I have nothing legitimate to complain about. My life is full and rich and wonderful. Tomorrow will be another chapter in a love story about a God who loved a sinner and showed it.


2 comments on “Tuesday Night Musings…

  1. I DEFINITELY think you should write more just what you want to write about here on your blog, Royce! And, write poetry, again, although I need to take advice like that myself. I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger, but have not done so in a very long time.

    Good post. Maybe I’ll do one of these over at Finding Direction.


    Thanks Dee


  2. a tattoo??? really?

    But I would like to do the NASCAR thing!!

    LOL Donna! I wondered who would mention that first. My wife read it and didn’t say a word.

    As for NASCAR, I have been a race fan since I was 5,(that would be 6 decades), growing up in North Carolina racing was just part of the culture.

    I had the opportunity to drive a race car at Texas Motor Speedway in 2000. What a blast, roaring down the back stretch at 150 mph! It was the best experience ever!

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