Please Help Feed the Hungry

The following is an email I received just now. I know Mike well and of course the church (Hemley Road Church of Christ) there in Bayou La Batre. I think Mike says what needs to be said. Hunger is as real in south Alabama when families have no food as in some 3rd world country. Please contact Mike and help if you can.

Thanks for your prayerful consideration.



“Hi Everyone We have been very busy this week, listed below is a recap of our weeks work. Also I am pretty sure we are going to have more and more families coming to us. BP has laid off all ofthe workers because of the storm and most of them will not be hired back. So this means the people that were still working will now not have any income. Today we had to turn away many families because we ran out of supplies. The food bank only brought us about 1/4 pallet of produce today so we handed out frozen dinners. Don and Rosemary Hudson will be arriving Monday. Don is our Director of Evangelism and Rosemary runs the kitchen for me. They can only stay for a few days than they must return home than will be back here on August 9 to help.

We Urgently need funds to purchase food, supplies and cover expenses for this mission. Below is the recap of this weeks work. Monday – Regular food hand out from the Church plus 400 hot meals served.Tuesday – 450 hot meals served and one bag of food given to each family.Wednesday – Went to food bank to unload frozen dinners and pickup truck load for church food pantry. Regular Church services. Thursday – Over 1200 pounds of food given out here at the Church from the food bank.Friday – Small amount of produce and 6 pallets of frozen meals handed out. Many families were still standing in line when we ran out.

Please help us provide food for hungry people!

Above all, please pray for the people of the Gulf whose lives have been once again torn apart.

Make your check payable to and mail to:

Disaster Assistance CoC402 Center Way St Lake Jackson, Tx 77566


You can donate online at Lake Jackson Church of Christ (is our overseeing elders)

I have posted many photos on the website and blog and will try and post updates often so you
can see where your funds are going.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, …” Matt. 25:35

Please pass this information on to everyone on your email and Facebook list , take it to your church and business, you never know who might be willing to help us. Please pray for the thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed and for us as we show the love of the Lord to them by just providing a simple meal.”

Mike Baumgartner
Disaster Assistance CoC

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